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When Wednesday Comes

When Wednesday creeps up on you

and takes you unawares,

you suddenly realise that

you are half way through the ‘weak’ days,

and heading towards the ‘strong’ ones.


“How did that happen?”

you might ask.

Well, perhaps you should have been paying

more attention.

When Monday Follows Sunday

When the days do that,

all is just as it should be,

and time is at peace.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Every day is tomorrow,

until it becomes today,

and then quickly becomes yesterday.

Tuesday is the new Monday, (or should that be Wednesday?)

Tuesday is here,

until it’s gone

(see Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ for more on that last part),

and it followed closely on the heels of Monday

(see Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ for more on that),

precursoring Wednesday

(precursoring is a made-up word)

and claiming to be ‘Hump Day’

(see a camel for details about ‘humps’).

So, should we worry about what the day is called,

or where it lays in the ‘seven’?

(or ‘eight’ – see The Beatles about ‘eight’).

Well, I may have a lot of questions;

but, answers?

What do you think?

Sunday Silly

Sunday Silly

“It’s Sunday, Silly!”

Okay, how do you get to be silly on a Sunday?

It’s not normally thought of as a ‘Funday’;

doesn’t measure up as a ‘Punday’;

hasn’t the uniqueness to be a ‘Oneday’;

and a ‘Sun’ day? Really? It so often rains;

A ‘Bunday?’ Hardly likely;

or a ‘Doneday?’ Well, it is at the end.

How about a ‘Gunday?’ No, that’s not going to happen, is it?

A ‘Hunday?’ Not, a Germanic one;

but a pet-name for your partner one?

Okay, a Nunday; a Runday, or a Tunday?

Can’t say that they are likely to catch on;

An ‘Unday’ – a lot of days are already a bit like that.

No, sorry, we are going to have to stick with ‘Sunday’,

or Dimanche.

April The Second

April The Second

April the Second.

April the First has past;

no longer the next, the current,

it is the last;

and here to take the crown

is a day that is let down

by ‘not’ being a day of any consequence;

it’s just the next one chosen

in a never-ending sequence of days.

Who ever said, ‘you can’t always want what you get!’ got it right;

and, one day, April the Second

may be quite the looker;

but, today, it is just a day in a sequence,

that frequents the calendar

at this time of year,

loitering in fear

of a last-minute April Fool.

April the Second, it has also been said,

is quite uncool.



Today is significantly newer than yesterday.

Just taken the wrapper off to see what is included – lots of stuff and some nonsense – quite similar to yesterday in concept; but, has possibilities for things that yesterday no longer has.

The instruction leaflet says: ‘Today is very precious, use it wisely – no refunds.’

The day after yesterday (and before all our tomorrows) is here.

The day after yesterday.

The day after yesterday

is here,


but, tomorrow will never arrive,

being always the day after today.

The day before tomorrow

is also here,


but, yesterday will never return –

and what did we learn from

the day before today?

An Acrostic Sunday

An Acrostic Sunday

Sunday starts with an ‘S’ and ends with a ‘Why?’
Until it’s over, the day is full of content.
Neither a borrower, nor a lender be; so there.
Don’t think that this is going to make sense, scents, or cents.
Actually, I have only the highest regard for Sundays
Yesterday wasn’t Sunday: Today is! 

Shall I Sing You A Song?

“I’m a Lumberjack!”

I sing;

Though I am not

And never ‘have’ been one.
“I’m a model and you know what I like…”

Yet, I am ‘not’ 

Nor am I likely to be a model.
“I’m a Barbie Girl…!”

Ha! Most definitely ‘not’
“I’m in the middle

Of a chain reaction!”

Dross! My singing, that is;

Not Diana.
“Just a song at twilight…”

Which ‘time’ is a ways off

As is my warbling song.
“Sing a song of sixpence…”

That’s 6d in old money,

2p or so in new money

And, in reality, not a lot.
Such is my life…

In song.