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Another Day?

Another day

in a long succession of days,

each following the last,

and preceding the next;

when will it ever end?

dy’Lun Haiku

dy’Lun – no planet;

ny wonn vy why it’s dy’Lun,

but it is – dydh da!




dy =shortening of ‘dydh’ = day

Lun = yet to find out

dy’Lun = Monday

ny wonn vy = I don’t know (exactly that phrase)

dydh da! = Good day! / Hello!

dy’Sul Haiku

dy’Sul at week’s end,

dydh da, sos – my Sunday friend;

Gerlyow attend.




A mix of Kernewek and English, with layers of meaning and rhymes combining both.


dy = a contraction of ‘dydh’ = day

dy’Sul = Sunday

Sul = the Sun

dydh = day

da = good

dydh da = hello! / Good day!

sos = friend

Gerlyow = words

dy’Yow Haiku

Thursday is dy’Yow,

it’s named after Jupiter,

‘Yow’ in Kernewek.

dy’Yow = Thursday

Yow = Jupiter

Kernewek = Cornish

And Thursday rears its ugly head.

Thursday’s not ugly;

indeed, most days are pretty;

yet some are quite plain.


Thursday, never plain,

and always interesting,

is here once again.

Is it Saturday already?

Is it Saturday already?



did that that happen?

One minute it was Friday,

the next, Saturday!


I suppose that’s how time works,

even though it is a created device,

and twenty-four time zones

(If not more, or less)

go through the process

of ‘Clocking Over’

as I like to call it.


What ever will they think of next?


And who are


Mid Day

Mid Day.

Not a day, as such;

however, there are more of them

than any other day of the month.

Short and sweet,

a time to eat,

betwixt the morning before,

and the afternoon after,

perhaps, then, there is time enough

for a shortish burst of laughter.

It is also known as noon,

and there are twenty-four of them

around the world,

every day.

What more need I say?

On a Friday (extended)

On a Friday

What would you say

could be more wonderful

than writing poetry on a Friday?

Answers on a very large postcard.


No, seriously,

what could ever be better

than putting words together?


Obviously you have to be selective

with your word placements,

otherwise, dishclockpotatoes,

or cloth gaze mute paragraphs

might occur,


Days – a Tanka

Not that long ago

it was Monday, now Tuesday,

soon it’s Wednesday.

What’s with all the constant change?

Can’t the week make it’s mind up?




PS Wednesday can have 2 or 3 syllables –

upon this occasion I have used the 3-syllable variant. Please bear that in mind when you read the above – thank you.

The first Tuesday in August (since the last one)

It’s an auspicious day;

however, I’m suspicious about the fact

that it’s raining again –

like it did in May;

and nothing really changes,

it just comes back time

and time again

in a slightly different order

(exactly like my poems)

weather you like it

or them

or not.