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Crows in a tree

Two crows, sat in a tree’;

I counted them twice,

and, the second time,

I counted three.

Three crows sat in a tree

I shouted loud

and, so, they did flee,

because congregating is not allowed,

and three is a crowd.

No crows sat in a tree;

I counted them twice.

The Seagulls and the Crows

The seagulls and the crows

were lined up in rows,

waiting to see the movie;

the crows had booked,

but the seagulls overlooked

booking in advance,

they were lucky, by chance,

that it wasn’t that busy tonight.

The crows were in rows A, B and C,

row C, obviously;

the seagulls just perched

wherever they could,

and awaited the start of the film;

a Hitchcock classic,

not a Park, Jurassic,

was what they had flocked here for,

they had heard the words

of Little Miss Muffet,

who, whilst eating her whey,

and supping her curds,

atop of a grassy tuffet,

had spread the news,

‘Tonight, at the flicks,

they are showing The Birds!’

Three crows in a field

Three crows in a field

Three crows in a field

of Or,

or maybe

they flew away


… crows do scare


The Crow Plane

The Crow Plane

The crow plane flew

with a minimal crew

from Land’s End to John o’Groats –

only stopping at Crewe.

Aboard that craft,

everyone laughed

as all crow crews are wont to do.

As the crow craft flies,

a crow waitress plies

the passengers with pies

of a blueberry hue;

and a mug of toffee,

instead of coffee –

not everyone’s cup of tea,

that’s true.

For a one way trip,

with a meal and a kip,

some pie, and toffee to drink,

costs less than you think;

and no sooner have you left,

you will arrive,

in the time that it takes you to blink.

And then there were none.

And then there were none.

Ten fat crows

sat up a tree

seven flew away

and then there were three.

Three fat crows

sat up a tree

three flew away

and then there were none.

Five Crows

Five Crows

Five crows

in a row

about something or other;

one said he was flighty-

he was talking about his brother;

another said the quickest way form A to C

is the way I fly it,

avoiding that place called B;

a third grumbled at the lines upon her face,

‘Oh, why are they called Crow’s Feet? I look a right disgrace!”

The fourth and fifth crows,

we’re nit-picking about picking-nits,

“It’s okay for you, you only have two;

me, I have a hundred and three!’

said one.

‘Well, that’s nothing to crow about.’

said the other.

And on it went.