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I crow a saw

I crow a saw

sky across the fly

it me confused so

it words my muddled,

Crow I saw a

across fly the sky

confused so it me,

why don’t know I

The Crowfly

The Crowfly

I was attacked by a crowfly yesterday;

it came straight at me,

in that way that crowflies do.

A Crow Flow

A crow flow

A crow


across the sky;

well, I have to be truthful,

the crow, he flew,,,

as did I.

As the crow flies

As the crow flies

One lone crow

in a sky-blue sky;

I walked along

as he flew by;

upon his way

he did go;

where that was

I do not know.

As the crow flies.

As the crow flies.

As the crow flew

he made a joyful noise…

well, maybe to a crow.

I think it was a ‘crawk!’

or maybe a ‘crejk!’

But, what the heck

he seemed happy enough.