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The noise of the crow

A funny noise the crow did make,

a sort of whistle and then a ‘scrreek!’

along with a shuffle of tail feathers,

a flap of wing;

as high upon a branch

the crow did sing.

40 days and 40 nights

It rained

for 40 days

and 40 nights,

and on the 39th day

I had gone out

and bought an umbrella.


40 days and 40 nights

it had rained,

and still there was

a hosepipe ban.


“40 days and 40 nights?

Why couldn’t it have just rained

in the night time?”

said the dog,

of the curious incident fame.


“40 days and 40 nights?

“In a row?” queried an itinerant crow.


And the deserted village

disappeared into the reservoir for a second time.

Another poem about a crow

The Crow rowed across the sky;

for a change, I assume.

And to make this a poem

I rhyme the word why –


Well, it’s what I do –

at least I try.

The Crow Crew

The crow crew

didn’t want to row to Crewe;

so, they took the train instead.

Perched upon the roof

three seats to the wind,

they watched as the world went by;

from the buffet car they fed.

Truth be told,

the crow crew

didn’t really want to go to Crewe,

but they had to go

as they’d been sent

off to crewe,

and so off to Crewe they went.

Ugly Duckling

‘There once was an ugly duckling –

turned out to be a baby swan –

rookie error!’ said the crow.


The rook took offence to this.

‘Now listen here,’ he started,

‘You crows always diss

us rooks.

I know we haven’t got your looks,

or the brains that you were born with;

but we knows the difference

between a duckling and a cygnet,

a hawk and a handsaw,

and chalk and cheese.

‘So, please, will you stop

looking down upon my kind?’


The crow, looked below,

and asked the rook,

‘Why is a Raven like a writing desk?’

The rook didn’t know the answer,

and the crow wasn’t telling.


The rook flew off, yelling,

‘You think you’re a clever so-and-so,

but it isn’t just me that doesn’t know!’


This was true, but the crow

held the higher ground,

from which position

he’s always found

that a positive claim

would bring him fame –

whether he was correct or not.



The crow is a black bird;

however, the blackbird is not a crow;

but did you know,

that not all blackbirds are black birds,

and you can have a white crow?

Albino? Or just pigmented differently?

the female of the species?

An anomaly?

Or just covered head to toe

in snow?

I crow a saw

I crow a saw

sky across the fly

it me confused so

it words my muddled,

Crow I saw a

across fly the sky

confused so it me,

why don’t know I

The Crowfly

The Crowfly

I was attacked by a crowfly yesterday;

it came straight at me,

in that way that crowflies do.

A Crow Flow

A crow flow

A crow


across the sky;

well, I have to be truthful,

the crow, he flew,,,

as did I.

As the crow flies

As the crow flies

One lone crow

in a sky-blue sky;

I walked along

as he flew by;

upon his way

he did go;

where that was

I do not know.