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“Rose has just tinted me.”

“Texted you!”

“No, definitely ‘tinted’. Look!”

“Oh, yes, that’s a look that many would be proud of—“


“— for their grandmothers.”


Every day

I get a little bigger –

when will it ever stop?

I love to swim in the sea,

enjoying every drop

of moisture that I touch.

Such is my way,

that I think that I may

live for ever,

outlasting all the creatures

of the sea,

and those of the land;

for they don’t seem to understand,

that they only add to their own demise

when they feed me;

then they respond with sheer surprise

at how I’ve grown.

If they don’t own my creation

and attend to my ending,

how will they ever survive?

Letting Go

I looked at the gauge:

I was getting low,

I needed to fill up,

still a long way to go;

time was tight

I had to head on

or else I just might

end up dwelling upon

what might have been

but never was,

and all because

I was holding on

instead of letting go.

Candlelit (Romantic Me)

My first thought

was to have

a candlelit meal.

Breakfast sprang to mind.

I ought

to have

avoided a £3 meal deal,

but, they say, that Love is blind.

I bought

into the idea

invested my hard earned

into £6 of food –

and fork handles

(which I thought would make her smile).

She, fraught,

considered the fare,

and I soon learned

(what I construed)

something about candles

as she went to powder her rose –

she’s been gone

an awful long while

Strength (10th) & Favourite Scent (11th)

Strength (10th)

I am not strong,

and tag along

at the back.

I have a lack,

of strength,

and the knack

of behaving

like a fledgling

under attack.

I surrender to all

and sundry,

and go asunder

under fire.

I aspire

to be more than I am,

but know,

that what I am

is what I’ll be,

there is definitely, absolutely, no SuperMe.


‘Favourite Scent’ (11th)

The smell of napalm

(at any time of day)

is not my favourite scent;

and the smell of cherry brandy

is not to be sought,

as my intent

is to avoid cherries,

I have an allergic thought reaction

to those berries –

if berries they are.

So, what is my favourite scent?

Old books. Of course.

And especially one written upon

Greybeard the Norse.

‘Tide Pools’

You can’t measure a tide pool

with a slide rule –

you’d be a fool to try:

And that is why

I now leave my slide rule at home.


Tide pools are often very well hidden…

by the tide being in;

but, raise a shout

when the tide flows out!


Then, is the time

when observational glances can be used,

although, chances are, that the variety of things,

in a tide pool, will leave you a little confused

(as it does me);

but just see what you can see,

and perhaps draw things down in a sketch book,

or just keep looking

and be amazed by the inhabitants

of the ‘not so’ deep.


Hidden Place

A hole in the wall,

an ‘X’ marks the spot,

you can have them all

for the things I have got;

hidden within

buried down deep;

is a love that I have

that’s forever to keep.


Chests full of gold,

silver, or lead,

are all worthy of others,

but, here, in my head,

is a vision to behold

whenever I wish,;

she’s a beautiful ocean,

and I am her fish.


Listening hard

to the birds in the trees,

observing the bees,

and the butterfly lees;

are all lovely things

I can soon discard,

when the feelings inside me

make me feel like a poet,

an author, the Bard.