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A new form of song.

A new form of song.

Well, you probably all know what ‘A cappella’ is – singing without music;

and, conversely, you must know by now, that music without singing is called ‘instrumental’; well, what I did was to take the bold step of combining the two, and having no music and… no singing… although, after a little thought about this I have now changed the idea to one of music ‘and’ singing – together, combined. I know, it’s a bit irrational, a bold choice in a brave new world; but research will show if people are open to this totally radical idea, and we shall see if, in time, it catches on.

Who knows? I may even have created a monster.

On God’s Birthday

On God’s Birthday

God received a ‘Do-It-Yourself Creation Kit’ for his birthday.

“Thank you Mum! Thank you Dad!”

God’s insincere thanks brought a wry smile to His parent’s lips.

“Oh, well…’ commented God’s mum to her husband, ‘At least we tried.’

God popped the box under his bed and returned to his copy of ‘The Brando’.

The Tale of Constance Truggle

As she would have looked (IMO)

As she would have looked (IMO)

Character Name: Constance Truggle

She was born into a family feud; not her fault, obviously; but, it didn’t help her with her upbringing that the intricate machinations of parents, uncles, older cousins, step-relatives (usually the worst) and siblings kept the climate either frosty or fiery in her surroundings.
However, Constance was a joy.
Never complaining about a thing, she was simply a perfect being,
That said, Constance was destined to struggle throughout her life in more ways than one.
She gave away all that she owned to those more fortunate than herself; and proceeded to live the life of a hermit in isolation and peaceful contemplation.
Constance died quietly at the age of twenty-seven from a wasting-away disease of the heart.
Mankind just hadn’t looked like saving itself; so what was the point for her to continue?