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The Frog and the Crab

The Frog and the Crab

hailed a taxi-cab

to get from the shop to the shore;

the Frog hopped aboard,

the Crab was quite floored

as to how he would enter the door;

but, with a sideways look,

a few steps he took,

and they both were settled inside.


They enjoyed the ride,

Crab got back in time for the tide,

and Frog hopped away to a pond;

both were lucky to be

in a poem by me,

where they formed an unbreakable bond.

I saw a crab

I saw a crab,

and the crab saw me;

and then it ate me for its tea.

“Hairy” 10-Minute SoCS

“Hairy” SoCS LindaGHill

See here for details of Linda’s SoCS

“Wow! That was hairy!”

“Spiders, generally, are.

“And so big.”

“I’ve seen bigger.”

“And hairy legs, too!”

(Mocking)”And so many!”

“I never counted them.”

“Eight. It’s standard with spiders otherwise they might be crabs.”

“Are they related?”

“Don’t be daft! Have you ever seen a hairy crab?”

“Maybe – I might have thought it was a spider.”

“They walk sideways.”

“Hairy spiders?”

“No. Non-hairy crabs.”




“Now I come to honk about it, there is such a thing as a Spider Crab.”

“Cross species interaction?”

“Could be. Although, they do tend to live most of their lives in the sea.”

“Is that why they are always found in the bath – they are seeking water?”

“Could be- hold on, you’re talking if spiders, not Spider-Crabs, aren’t you?”

“I suppose so.”