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A dog (or a cow)

I drew a picture of a dog…

or a cow;

and, now,

I don’t know whether

it will squeak or miaow.

Five-bar gate (revisited)

A gate!

A gate!

A five-bar gate!

I spent all my money on a five-bar gate…

I also bought a cow.


A state!

A state!

I’m in such a state!

For I have lost my five-bar gate!

And thence escaped my cow.


My wife!

My wife!

Called five-bar Kate!

Went out early, and came back late;

as sozzled as a sow,

I don’t know where she is now.


Has anybody seen my

five-bar gate, my cow;

has anyone seen my Kate?

Daisy the Cow

Daisy the Cow said,

‘That’s enough now!’

But, only a few that heard her voice,

chose to help her have a choice

that didn’t rely on a farmer.