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Looking over a 5-bar gate

I’m looking over

a 5-bar gate

that I’ve looked over before.

And, although the scenery

has changed but a little,

I am an older man

than I used to be;

yet, not as old as I shall,

one day at a time,be.

By the way,

I see sheep

chewing the grass,

clouds scudding by,

and birds

quartering the sky.

And many other things,

which is why

I am looking over

this 5-bar gate.

Looking Out

Looking out

across the fields

from the viewpoint

of a 5-bar gate,

I wish that I was

able to graze the meadows,

rather than merely gaze at them.

I was gifted a pen

I was gifted a pen,

and some paper,

new boots, some mud,

a scraper;

all the things

that I would need

if I were to write,


and upon,

the countryside,


Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams

The distant cars go by,

faintly headed to unknown destinations;

birds are flying endlessly hither and thither,

expeditious routes taking them on flights of fancy and need;

farm machinery is turning the haylage in anticipation of three cuts – if the weather holds –

and the sweet scent of grasses

gives a tang to my nostrils…

fields of dreams,

I live in thee.

Walking in Merrymeet.

Walking in Merrymeet.

See a few picture here – G:)

In Merrymeet

I move my feet

along these Cornish lanes;

and here and there

I stop and stare

at the wonder that entertains;

I am so bless’d

In a world so stress’d

in coldness and in rains;

a smile on face

this lovely place

has charms to soothe all brains.