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Vello the Velociraptor

Vello, the Velociraptor, lived a very long time ago – even before your parents were born. Vello lived in a place that we now know as France; but, then, it was just another place in the world that didn’t have a name or a set of boundaries upon a map – the people there didn’t even speak French, or any language, or exist – this was a time before people, and so it was largely a peaceful place with only the occasional squabble over whether eating another dinosaur, or being eaten by another dinosaur, was okay. It usually wasn’t a long disagreement, and normally ended in a game of fisticuffs, where one or the other won by being the fiercest, strongest, most cunning, and, usually, by being the biggest. Vello wasn’t the biggest dinosaur, but he was capable of being the most cunning, and fiercest of the dinosaurs. Capable, but Vello was a pacifist. He didn’t believe in fighting, or bullying – in fact, he was the only Velociraptor that he knew (and he knew thirteen) that didn’t have a temper. This made him disliked by his own group of Velociraptors, as well as by dinosaurs in general – who would usually run away and ask questions later.

All in all, Vello was a bit of an oddball – but, seeing as a big comet was heading towards the planet, and all the dinosaurs (to a greater extent) would soon become extinct…

Well, at least Vello had had some decent values in his short life.