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Black & White Photograph

I took a photograph

in black and white;

but, when I studied it,

it did not seem right:

the golden Sun was dull as day;

the pretty flowers didn’t have their say;

skies were grey, with clouds the same;

and the beautiful scene

was quite inane.


I took a fabulous photograph,

and binned it…

what a shame.

‘Viola’s Ghost’

Across the bay

they staged a play

in Minack theatre’s round;

Twelfth Night it was,

‘Twelfth’Night the play,

when was heard an eerie sound.


Black-sailed, square rigged,

the boat sailed in,

as for many years she had;

and baying hounds

were heard again,

a cry to make one mad.


The boat sailed on

‘til soon was gone

and all remained was fear;

and Viola in the water,

swimming for her safety,

until the land drew near.


She laid forlorn

upon the sand

almost at an end;

until the folk

from round about

did come to help her mend.


If food and drink

could make her whole,

then food and drink were tried;

but succour none

she got from them,

and so Viola died.


Her ghost, it walks,

but never talks,

upon the coastal shore,

every Twelfth Night

since that night,

a burden to endure.


And people wince

and pray to God

when that fell time is here,

and promise up

their new first born

for her to disappear.


But, Viola treads

upon the verge

of sea and sand and death;

where she was lost

at no small cost

with her final cursèd breath.


Cesario stands atop the cliff,

upon that self same night,

his Viola never came to him,

perhaps one day she might.


And with little hope,

he glances back

as he leaves that place once more;

where Viola landed on the shore

and died that tearful night.