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‘The weather today’

It’s dry for five minutes,

so what can I say?

Well, apart from the rain, the storms,

the hail, the thunder and lightning,

the frost, the mist, the drizzle –

and I wasn’t surprised

not to see you out

in the midst of the Cornish mizzle.

However, I must just say,

it’s really been

such a nice day.

Looe Paper

We need Looe Paper,

we need it now

as we all must have

rolls to play;

cast us, somehow;

roll out the barrel,

(without Colin Farrell –

he’d just act up –

as actors do tend to do)

And the headline for today –

which is garish – does say,

‘We need Looe Paper!

Yes, we do!

Because we all need something

to read on the Looe!’

An Wedhen (The tree)



an wedhen.

Moon Over Looe (with four-let’r word)

Moon Over Looe.

That Moon,

over Looe,

blue, slim

with edge thin;

lost, bold, cold;

what else?

Cool dude,

nude, rude,

spin away?

Ne’er! Stay!

That Moon,

over Looe,


Looe 3007

In a thousand years from now

will things be just the same,

when they’ve changed so much in a hundred?

And, would we be able to claim

knowledge of a place

where we thundered in youth

and withered in age,

when the world spins ever quicker,

just to reach a final stage?

We walk these streets

as those before,

and look out to sea

from that same shore;

but, tomorrow is another day,

what happens then…

well, who can say?

Nadelik Lowen Haiku

“Nadelik Lowen!”

I called to all the people.

“Kynnyav yw!” they cried.

delyow omhweles

delyow omhweles

my a yll aga gweles

onen hag oll.

leaves fall down

I can see them

one and all.

‘Cue, the pictures of Looe’

The sky is bright,

The Moon is blue;

cue, the pictures of Looe.

The weather’s warm,

there’s been a storm;

cue, the pictures of Looe.

The tide is high,

a boat sails by;

cue, the pictures of Looe.

The Banjo fair,

is always there,

cue, the pictures of Looe.

We like to see,

the beach and sea;

cue, the pictures of Looe.

Cornwall’s pride?

I’ll let you decide;

cue, the pictures of Polperro,

St. Ives, Mousehole, and Bude;

Perranporth, Sennen,

and all the others

that are viewed

as a favourite place;

but, when ‘I’m’ in Looe

there’s a smile on ‘my’ face;

cue, the pictures of me, smiling,

when I’m visiting Looe.

Down the Looe!

My poetry has gone

down the Looe,

my life…

down the Looe,

when it’s do-able,

we do like to go

beside the seaside

to a town called Looe.

Upon the Banjo,

with a banjo on my knee,

though it’s cunningly disguised as a


playing my tunes,

with a nod to U2

it’s Madness, I say,

I’m playing ‘It must be Looe’

and it sounds like ‘it’s a Beautiful Bay’.

‘Return to Looe’

“We haven’t been to Looe

for an absolute age,

we just keep looking wistfully

at the Looe and South East Cornwall page;

the pretty pictures of boats and gulls,

with their hungry looks and freshly-painted hulls;

the Banjo Pier, Looe Island dear –

we look out the window,

can Looe be ‘so’ near?”