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Merrymeet Acrostic

Morning turns another page;

Eating simple fare, we yearn an age;



Yesterday’s new,

Means little now,

Each update creates

Even more states

To worry the brow.

C. Gull

A seaside sentinel,

with sand-filled vistas,

water-based horizons,

and snack-laden tourists,

has noticed a change:

fewer people,

so, less of a chance for a highwayman

to relieve a punter of their valuables;

and the people look worried,

harried and hurried,

seeking isolation from each other –

what is the bother?

And, now, more and more hungry gulls

are chasing less and less;

I confess that humans confuse me;

there is also less mess

upon the floor,

we could do with a return to the normal,

random, behaviour,

things are too formal,

it all seems rather strange –

why did things change?

Prompt: Country Lanes

Walking along country lanes

with the chirrup of birds

assaulting my ears,

I lose all fears,

and sink,

into a state of calm.

These country lanes

are such a balm

to frayed nerves

and a restless soul;

they leave me whole.

A seagull perched…

A seagull perched

on a lofty crag

eyed the chips

in a paper bag;

should he make

the attempt and swoop

upon a soul

carry off a coup

with such aplomb

to dare to dive

and strafe, dive bomb,

the unsuspecting one.


even if the mission failed,

the expedition would be fun.

As I was going to St. Ives…

“As I was going to St. Ives…

I realised,

that I,

was heading

in the wrong direction.

I turned around,

retraced the ground

that I had so recently


reversed my route,

you might say,

and carried happily

upon my way.

Where was I going to?

Obvs. I was off to Looe –


“We get a bad press, we do.”

We are not as bad

as you might have read,

but some people seem

to want us dead;

others feel we are a threat

to their seaside snack

before it’s eat;

but we are not the foe;

no, not at all,

we just seek food

for it’s food we lack,

and we’ve become accustomed

to what you let fall;

and once we’ve snatched it…

do you really want it back?

It’s a lovely day – a song.

It’s a lovely day

It’s a lovely day

for someone

but not me;

it’s raining on my head

and blowing a hooley;

I’m sure that I can see

that it’s a lovely day

for someone

but not me.

It’s a lovely day


but not here;

It’s hailstorms, rain, and thunder

causing fear;

and I’m hearing in my ear,

that it’s a lovely day


but not here.