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“The Geese!”

“The Geese!”

The Geese

Fly East-southeast,

they are heading for a feast

or a cuppa at the least.

Later they will fly back

heading West-northwest.

I hope they dressed well for their journeys;

with thick socks and a vest.


One Year in Cornwall

One Year in Cornwall

One year in our new home

and every day is a joy;

I love each moment we spend here

and the little ways we employ

ourselves in making our home

even more a delight.

Thank you for standing beside me

and being my partner in crime;

(not that what we do is criminal

but it’s a word that gives me a rhyme).

Here’s to the year we have lived here

and the many more that lay ahead.

In Cornwall we have settled our roots,

In Cornwall we lay down our head.

A Drabble

A Drabble (100 words)

There had been a drabble of rain across the county for over three weeks now; the hosepipe ban was still in force, even though the reservoir had overflowed and flooded parts of the valley; and the stock of Barbecues in the local store had not decreased by any significant amount – even though they were under a BOGOF Offer.

The forecast was for more of the same and less of the dry stuff – though how you could get less than ‘none’ is a question I’d like to ask the weather-girl.

All in all we were heading for a wet winter.

A Wet Thursday Morning in Cornwall.

A Wet Thursday Morning in Cornwall.

It’s Thursday

and it’s raining,

it needs no explaining

but the dogs must go out.

“Hey, Dad!” they shout.

“There’s a lot of it about,

and we don’t care

if the weatherman says it’s raining…!”

I couldn’t argue with that;

and, so, here we are

an hour later

wetter than an otter

soggy as a…

well, pretty wet.

Towelled down and frisky

(we don’t want to be risky)

and showered and dry

(that is my

warm up)

we are inside and warm…

still it does rain

and later

we get to do it all


“Thanks to the people of St. Eward.”

“Thanks to the people of St. Eward.”

“We’d like to thank

the people of St. Eward

for helping us out today.

We never realised

that there were so many –

we didn’t know that there were any –

and they all had their own hi-vis jacket;

must have cost them a packet. “

“There’s always mizzle on the moor!”

“There’s always mizzle on the moor!”



“On the moor?”

“Always on the moor

knocking on the door

wanting to come in;

and there’s this little church

the mizzle seems to search it out

and when it finds it

it hides it


“It’s a sin!”

“That it is.”

Cornish Limerick #4

Cornish Limerick #4

There once was a man from St. Ives

Who was said to have had too many wives;

He said “Don’t be daft!

“How many is too many?” he laughed.

So we shall leave them to get on with their lives.