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A Virtuoso Performance

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A Virtuoso Performance

The violinist stood before the 50,00 strong audience and took a deep breath. Then, he started into the performance of a lifetime. His instrument a part of himself; its soaring melodies seemed to fly like magic from just four strings and one bow; and, even when one string broke with the passion of his performance, he managed to glide over the disability as if nothing had happened – the audience were unaware of this, but would be even more impressed when they learned of this after the show.

For an hour the maestro of the violin entertained and cajoled his audience with a selection of Vivaldi’s Five Seasons (he’d added one more, as he didn’t feel that the quartet had that sparkle without a fifth season (you can admire his reasoning).

Every single man, woman and child in the audience was transported with his playing; the sounds evoking so many different images to the audience that they flew in their dreams to all corners of the creative mindscapes that are possible. Some even achieved their own personal orgasmic moments – it was ‘that’ good.

Finally, the music of the night came to a sweet, yet bitter, end – and he stood straight to take a bow to the applause.

It was at that moment that his music stand failed and the device folded back on itself, revealing an A4 page of… it wasn’t musical notation… it was a little ‘note to self’.

It seemed that the maestro may have been a little nervous and had taken some pains to try to get over the issue by attaching a reassuring comfort note to his music stand – the words on the A4 paper read:


He was even more popular after this.