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When Beige was all the rage.

When beige was all the rage,

bright colours were kept in a cage,

where people could occasionally visit

and stare at their gaudy hue,

it was called, as you might think,

a Dangerous Colours Zoo.

The Oranges and Purples

were kept under wraps,

they were too vicious to be seen

by the ladies and chaps.

The mad and dangerous Heliotrope

was kept under lock and key,

and not even the keepers

were allowed to see he.

Anything fluorescent

or sparkling was kept,

in a darkened corner,

fed at night,

where they wept,

being in a state of inertia –

it was all for safety, you see.

they could never be seen

by a dull and dim humanity.

Grey upon Grey.

Grey upon grey,

the next layer,

even greyer,

than the one before,

a mixture twixt mizzle and mist,

with heighth, and width, and depth,

all eager to show… nothing,

to hide all,

and live for the moment

in total concealment,

avoiding avidly prying eyes

and random inquisitive glances.

Green – The Poem

Green- The Poem

Green is a colour,

verdant, bright;

dark green is duller;

but, it’s still alright.

When I was a younger fellow,

I used to like the colour yellow;

now I’m older, I’ve started to mellow

so now I like green,

you know what I mean.

Green is nature going well

with the rain, as far as I can tell.

Poets write blue, it’s how they write,


when we feel down

in the middle of the night;

and then there is black, of which I have a lack;

though I can be grey every single day.

Then there is purple,

for when I am older,

start wearing purple,

start getting colder

and then there is red

for when I am dead,

have I forgotten any other hue,

there must be millions,

and that must be true.

“Where Thou, Art?”

“Where Thou, Art?”

There was a black Hamlet,

and a white Othello,

all the youths were salad green,

and Dogberry was yellow;

Lady Macbeth was spotty,

and King Lear, he was dotty;

all in all, a colourful performance

of Shakespeare’s ‘Where Thou, Art?’

Colouring In

colouring in

Silence is golden. It has never been much to my mind to attribute colours to things, but I suppose that we do it automatically – as a rule, though I don’t think that Golden Silence fits that rule.

Green is commonly given to envy – though not on any paint charts that I have ever seen. Red is for danger; blue signifies sadness; white – virginity and purity; green also for the untried youth who is new to the job; yellow for cowardice (though it is a ‘white; feather and not a ‘yellow’ one that was given to show people’s opinions of a ‘supposed‘ coward – I suppose the canaries complained). Pink is a girly fresh colour, and black is for evil darkness – orange is elusive (as to some things it is a mix between yellow and red – in other ways, it’s neither red or green – but, more red and less green if you see what I mean); and grey is for dull and drab and boring and bland and and and…

There are more colours (oh, yes, lots- brown, for example) and lots of various interpretations of things to match the colours – have a go and see if you can see a Scarlet Woman, a Crimson Warrior or a Blue Meany today.

Happy colouring in