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Green – The Poem

Green- The Poem

Green is a colour,

verdant, bright;

dark green is duller;

but, it’s still alright.

When I was a younger fellow,

I used to like the colour yellow;

now I’m older, I’ve started to mellow

so now I like green,

you know what I mean.

Green is nature going well

with the rain, as far as I can tell.

Poets write blue, it’s how they write,


when we feel down

in the middle of the night;

and then there is black, of which I have a lack;

though I can be grey every single day.

Then there is purple,

for when I am older,

start wearing purple,

start getting colder

and then there is red

for when I am dead,

have I forgotten any other hue,

there must be millions,

and that must be true.


“Where Thou, Art?”

“Where Thou, Art?”

There was a black Hamlet,

and a white Othello,

all the youths were salad green,

and Dogberry was yellow;

Lady Macbeth was spotty,

and King Lear, he was dotty;

all in all, a colourful performance

of Shakespeare’s ‘Where Thou, Art?’

Colouring In

colouring in

Silence is golden. It has never been much to my mind to attribute colours to things, but I suppose that we do it automatically – as a rule, though I don’t think that Golden Silence fits that rule.

Green is commonly given to envy – though not on any paint charts that I have ever seen. Red is for danger; blue signifies sadness; white – virginity and purity; green also for the untried youth who is new to the job; yellow for cowardice (though it is a ‘white; feather and not a ‘yellow’ one that was given to show people’s opinions of a ‘supposed‘ coward – I suppose the canaries complained). Pink is a girly fresh colour, and black is for evil darkness – orange is elusive (as to some things it is a mix between yellow and red – in other ways, it’s neither red or green – but, more red and less green if you see what I mean); and grey is for dull and drab and boring and bland and and and…

There are more colours (oh, yes, lots- brown, for example) and lots of various interpretations of things to match the colours – have a go and see if you can see a Scarlet Woman, a Crimson Warrior or a Blue Meany today.

Happy colouring in