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The Sun fooled me, today (Siberian Breeze)

The Sun fooled me, today;

I went out in a T-shirt,

as if it was half-past May;

but, there was a bitter wind

coming across from old Siberia way,

and I began to freeze—


singing: Siberian Breeze,

Siberian Breeze,

cold as ice,

and I’m likely to freeze,

should have wrapped up well,

and as far as I can tell,

I’m freezing my wotsits off

in this Siberian Breeze.

Bloomin’ Cold

I don’t envy the flowers,

thinking that Spring is almost here;

they pop their little heads out,

and think they’ve nothing to fear;

but, it’s too early to sunbathe,

Winter hasn’t yet gone;

and how can it be a Summer

if, on one day, the Sun, it shone.


Keep your warmest clothes on,

keep out of the cold Easterly breeze,

and shelter for the moment,

it’s much too soon, ‘You’ll freeze!’

On a Saturday Morning

People walking,

people cycling,

people walking dogs –

no dogs cycling;

people driving,

delivering, thriving


people taking the air

here, there, everywhere;

it’s cool, it’s cold,

some young, some old

some in between –

if you know what I mean;

breeze is fresh upon my face,

I have to set an eager pace,

to warm my soul,

keep my body whole.

It’s too hot / too cold


It’s too hot for soup;

too cold for ice-cream –

how this has come about

I just do not know;

so, ‘Soup’s off!’

and the ice-cream has ‘melted, thawed,

and resolved itself into a dew’.



NB Thanks must go to W.S. for his line from Hamlet.

Dec 7th – The Day Is Cold – #PoemForADayDecember

The day is cold,

inside is warm;

you wrap up well

to venture out;

the wind is chill,

the Sun is weak,

at least no rain

of which to speak.

You travel near,

or wander far,

stay close to home

where loved ones are,

return back there

when walk is done;

to warm the bones,

and take a care.

Dec. 5th – Cold Colder & Wet Wetter #PoemForADay

I sometimes wish

that Cold & Wet

had never met;

but, they did,

and still often keep in touch.

Cold is okay,

has things to say,

but you can deal with

Cold in a sensible way.

Wet is a nightmare,

gets inside your brain

before it all washes away

and flows off down the drain.

If you’d met Dry & Warm,

their cousins,

you’d like them much better;

but, here, shivering, and moist, on the brink,

it’s of Cold Colder & Wet Wetter

I am tending to think.

Cold – Acrostic (which limits it to four lines – huzzah!)

Creaking bones seek warmer climes;

Old frame, ancient limbs, undonated organs;

‘Latent heat’ is a term I hear,

Delayed, I fear; perhaps it will be too latent for me.

A poem for a cold and frosty (Friday) morning.

My fingers type

the words;

no hype,

just honest

to goodness



in my fingers,

where I have none.

My brain



to keep the warmth

of creative thought alive;

but, there is a glimmer

from an unquenchable ember

that I have

deep in the heart of my being.

Out in the weather

I was out in all the weathers the other day, and this is the poem I wrote whilst the rain seeped into my head, and the cold infiltrated my body, blowing the cobwebs away.

My ears are cold,

my body old,

but, my heart is bold.

My limbs no longer tend to fold,

and my grip, on reality, has less of a hold;

my mind has veins

of purest gold;

but my groin… has mould,

which can be fatal,

or so I’m told.



It was cold outside

but now I’m back

and the fire is on

and I’m warming up

and I have a cup of warmth

with which I shall defrost

and with sense returning to my fingers

I can pen a poem

which I shall call


even though

it’s more about

what is happening