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Pliny in a Pinny!

Pliny the Elder

Coffee-Time Amusings #8
Pliny in a Pinny!
Pliny the Elder?
Or Pliny the Younger?
But, definitely not Pliny the Very Young – which is a drink!
HMS Plinyfore by Gilbert O’Sullivan, naturally.
Sound Effects Plinky-Plonky! 
Pinafores as worn in the film of Edith Nesbit’s ‘The Railway Children’ by Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett.

Pinafore the Fjords

As in ‘this Norwegian Blue Parrot is (or is not) Pinafore them!’
And it’s ‘pina-fore!’ That you should use as a warning shout when upon a golf course – that is, if you want to be banned from the course, of course.
So, a Pinny for your thoughts upon the above?

Coffee-Time Amusings #9 (‘Friday’ 29th Sept.)

It is the day after

The day before

Which makes it a…

Hold on, just checking…

A… Friday!

Good. It could have been much worse.

Yesterday being a Thursday, today ‘must’

In the order of things

Be a ‘Friday’

And that is ‘Yayday’

Around here.

It’s not as good as a Saturday (a Yippeeday)

Or a Sunday (a Wellwhatdoyouknowday)

But it beats all the other weekdays

By a mile

(Or 1.609 kilometres)

And that is good in my book.

“Which book?”

I hear you ask

(I don’t really; but, it’s a writing tool to ‘hear’ the reader ask a question, which I can then answer)

“I don’t have an ‘actual’ book.” I reply, lamely. “It’s just a phrase that people use.”

“Which people?” You ask.

“People that- Oh, I wish you’d stop asking all these questions – it’s stopping the flow of my words.”

“Which words?” you ask, with a cheeky grin upon your face.
It is at this point that I run away to cry.
“Only asking.” you comment to yourself.
“Asking what?” you respond.
And on it goes.

Coffee-Time Amusings #8 #NationalPoetryDay #Freedom

Coffee-Time Amusings #8 (Thursday 28th Sept.)
I’m just drinking my coffee…
Thinking about Freedom.
And what it means to me.
I think that I tend to take my freedoms for granted.
I would probably take them more seriously if I had fought hard and long for them.
Around the world there are people who have little or no freedom.
They are often seen in adverts that are asking for £3 a week (or the like) and I think that maybe they (the adverts ‘and’ the people) are largely ignored by the populace. If the tables were turned we would soon appreciate those small kindnesses of strangers.
Freedoms gifted easily by means of where we are born against freedoms gained by gritted determination?
Freedom to think and do the simplest of things without fear of harm or punishment.
Freedom to live a life.
Freedom to live.

Wherever you are

And whatever you are drinking…
Today is a day to consider ‘freedoms’
As is every day.

Coffee-Time Amusings #7 (Wednesday 27th Sept.)

Coffee-Time Amusings #7 (Wednesday 27th Sept.)
I’m just drinking my coffee…
That’s all, really.
I needed a drink

And I think

That a drink is what I needed –

I need to think that;

Or my perceptions will be put in doubt.

I’ll have to work thinks out.

And, like the Sphinx (which I do)

I shall keep my poker face

In perfect place.
So, having had my drink,

I think,

That – in the blink of an eye –


Will continue my labours.
BTW – cafetièred black coffee (slightly too strong) is the order of the day.
Wherever you are

And whatever you are drinking

Have fun


Coffee-Time Amusings #6 (26th Sept.)

Coffee-Time Amusings #6 (26th Sept.)
I’m just drinking my coffee…
… planning for the future.
Well, it would be rather silly to be planning for the past.
And, to labour a thought-process, planning for the present is not actually that feasible either.
Anyway, ‘hot’ coffee today and my it’s lovely to sup on a refreshing brew after a morning’s excercise.
So, a little calm before the storm of activity ahead. I think that is the way to phrase such things.
But, for a few minutes I shall savour my coffee.
And then…
Enjoy your cool/warm/hot beverages wherever you are sipping them.


Coffee-Time Amusings #5 (Monday 25th Sept.)

Coffee-Time Amusings #5
I am just drinking my coffee…
It’s not supposed to be

(But, it is)



It’s still very flavoursome

And it hits the spot

It’s really a case of

Waste not want not.
A cold vanilla latte

Is better than no latte

And better latte than never.
Please excuse that last bit; I have a tendency to follow my streams.
Anyway, enjoy whatever you are drinking and stay warm and dry.

Coffee-Time Amusings #4 (Friday 21st Sept.)

Coffee-Time Amusings #4
I’m just drinking my coffee…
Contemplating the wound to my finger; I happen to be a clumsy sort, and inevitably I will stab myself at least twice (if not once) a week. 
This time I was just taking the plastic seal from my frappuccino. A cold coffee that still has the ability to fire (or fry) all the neurons in my brain. 
I shall soon be bouncing upon the ceiling, revealing the silliness that has lain (mostly) dormant whilst I was doing the serious Ikea furniture thing. Ikea making me go up and down, back and forth, and to and fro in my search for the component parts required. 
However, I escaped unscathed (mostly) and am back to the current homestead (for a few weeks now) with a van to load up with moving stuff. 
I am sure that I shall update you on the move to sunny Kernow (Cornwall) soon.
Until then I shall just keep these postythings a coming.
Enjoy your brew

And all you do.

Coffee-Time Amusings #3

Coffee-Time Amusings #3
I’m just drinking my coffee…
Drying off.

Warning from the inside

Considering the lilies

(Well, I only started thinking about lilies when my ‘S-o-C’ kicked in)

I wrote a duologue once

That involved Gilbert and Sullivan considering the lilies (Langtry and Marlene) I shall have to dust that off and see how it sounds now.
Anyway, coffee warms the soul; kickstarts the brain (allegedly); and tastes like Nectar

Or Ambrosia

Or any one of the other syrups you can get these days.
Sips are being imbibed (‘imbibed’ is my word of the day’) by me

As I write;

But, probably ‘not’

As you read

What coffee do you prefer?
How and when (possibly why?) do you drink yours?

Coffee-Time Amusings #2

I’m just drinking

My coffee…

Thinkin’ ’bout things.

I should be more specific

About ‘which’ things.

But, my mind is wandering,

Wondering about this

Hopping, like a bird,

Upon that;

And then flying off to seek

Something else

(Probably ‘not’ a worm).
I should now confirm

That until I’ve had my second coffee, I am nothing;

After that second drink…

I am able to face the World…

But, is the World ready for me?
 Actually, the World barely knows that I exist.
Perhaps it because I do like to keep a low profile on my shopping list.