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Rebel – revisited

I’m a rebel, me!

Elevenses at 11:33,

and in the garden,

in the rain;

my mug it overfloweth,

once again.


My black coffee’s hot;

I shall have to wait a while

until it cools down.


‘Let’s meet up for a coffee’

‘Let’s meet up for a coffee!’

Said nobody, ever, to me;

so I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it do this thing,

let’s meet up for a coffee!’

to nobody, that I could see.


So we met up for a coffee;

no, we did not do any such thing,

we didn’t meet up for a coffee,

and you never gave me a ring.


‘Let’s meet up for a coffee! Again!’

Obviously, from the first,

this is not going to happen.


‘Let’s meet up for a coffee!’


It’s never gonna happen.

Coffee is an aphrodisiac

“Coffee is an aphrodisiac!”

said a local man named, Doug;

he had a dog,

whose name was ‘Dog’,

and he had a frog,

whose name was frog –

a man of little or no imagination was our Doug;

but, the words he gave out

inspired me to write,

to create a poem of such stature,


well, actually it was a haiku?

and here it is:


it’s a five syllable word

that’s too seldom heard.

Never-Ending Coffee (in a very small cup)

It just keeps pouring coffee –

my coffee jug –

not into my usual ‘enormous’ mug,

but into a very small cup.


George brings us coffee

and we thank George;

for many decades

George has brought us coffee

and we have thanked George –

It never hurts us to say,

“Thank you, George.”




where the beer is dear;


where the tea is free;


is where ‘we’

only drink coffee.

Walnut Cake

Walnut Cake

Walnut Cake

is a cake made of Walnuts

and various other ingredients;

but not coffee –

otherwise it would be a Coffee and Walnut Cake

(or, less often, a Walnut and Coffee Cake).

However, what goes nicely

with a slice of Walnut Cake

is a cup of coffee.

Boxing Day 2018 #12 (11:00)

Boxing Day 2018 #12 (11:00)


More coffee

for me

before we

travel East

to our destination

And a nice coffee;

nothing instant

maybe a cafetière

if time allows

but as it’s probably the third of the day…

and then we can be on our way.

George Clooney

George Clooney

It would be rude

To call George Clooney

a lunatic.

But, some do.

It’s not true,

I assure you.

His manner is so…

from far too much Nespresso!