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Chasing Butterflies

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I’m chasing butterflies,

though it’s not allowed,

under the auspices

of a wandering cloud.


☁️ x – from a Cloud’s perspective.

☁️ x – From a cloud’s perspective

“I was just floating along

minding my own business

when this geezer spots me;

he starts purple prosing me,

in like a poetic way;

he gets all rhymey and rhythmic-like…

Well, I wanted to breeze on out of there;

but, I was just floating around

over the ‘ills and the vales;

not much I could do really,

just had to wait for the old Zephyr to pick up

and blow me out of there.

He waffles on for a while, and then…

well I’ll be blowed

he decides to call his poem ‘Daffodils!’

I mean, I started it off,

what’s wrong with ‘Cloud’ as a title?

Wish I hadn’t bothered catching his eye –


Upon Clouds

Upon Clouds

I watch the clouds pass by,

they seem to know where it is that they are going;

although different parts of the clouded sky

do appear to be travelling in different directions.

I consider lengthily the possibilities

of a cloud’s destination,

and I am visibly moved;

even though I am standing still,

and they have gone.

Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles

The castle I saw can be seen here. G:)

The crumbling ruins

of the cloud castles in the sky

catch my attention

as I walk

and they drift by;

fallen battlements

a testament to many battles fought;

whether lost or won

I know naught.



I was walking along

looking at the sky

as I do

when I saw a cloud,

a cloud in the shape

… of a cloud.

Not in the shape of a bird

or a penguin

(which is also a bird)

although there were a few of them flying around

(birds, not penguins)

but cloud-shaped;

then there was another

and another

all similar

but different

in their own cloudy way.

And I thought upon the clouds

then wrote this.