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Wondering lonely as a cloud

I was wondering lonely

as a cloud approached me

and asked me the rhyme.

“It’s about four.” I answered.

The cloud departed happily,

having ascertained the time.




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‘I saw a cloud today’

I saw a cloud today;

it was in the shape,

the shape …

of a cloud.

I think that’s allowed,

not to be in the shape of a dog,

or a dancing frog …

or France –

it was just a cloud-shaped cloud.

Blue-Sky Thinking

Blue-Sky Thinking

Picture and words here.

I am thinking about blue skies;

whilst looking at…

well, obviously, blue skies.

This is what I call

‘true’ blue-sky thinking.

I am not thinking about clouds –

due to their absence –

apart from my thoughts upon…

their absence.

This is not a ‘cloud’ poem.

If it is a poem.

Which it may be –

I am in no position to verify,

or qualify,

what it is that it may be –

I just write the words that forever stain the cleanliness of my screen.



I wandered ,

meandered about aimlessly,

on my own,

by myself,

in the sky,

in my mind .

Then I wrote about it

in a Poetic sort of way;

writing down what I could not bring myself to say;

then, like a cloud,

I floated away.



I was walking along

looking at the sky

as I do

when I saw a cloud,

a cloud in the shape

… of a cloud.

Not in the shape of a bird

or a penguin

(which is also a bird)

although there were a few of them flying around

(birds, not penguins)

but cloud-shaped;

then there was another

and another

all similar

but different

in their own cloudy way.

And I thought upon the clouds

then wrote this.

The Word of the Day is… Cloud!

Eling, 14-07-2015 photo by me.

Eling, 14-07-2015 photo by me.

The Word of the Day
The Word of the Day it is… Cloud
It is coating the Sun with a shroud
It is humid and hot
Under the duvet we’ve got
So much for fluffy and pretty
Or wandering lonely
Such things, here, are just not allowed.


Lonely, I Wandered…


Lonely, I wandered
Has a cloud
Much in the way of a life plan?
I think not;
A cloud just is
And then isn’t
And then is
Once more?
Not that I know much about clouds
I just am one.