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#Cinqku (Wave) My #2 Cinqku


“Let’s tune her in.”
“I think she’s good to go.”
“…and ‘fire!’ ”

“What, my friend?”
“What d’ya mean ‘fire!’ ”
“It’s a joke, Barbara.”
“You’re fired!”

“You can’t!”
“I’m the boss.”
“But, how can you?”
“Easy, I just wave you ‘bye’ ”
“I quit!”

“Too late.
I fired you;
You crossed the line
And you must pay the price,
You fool.”

“Me ‘fool!’ ”
“Yup! Big fool!
“How do you mean?”
“Today is April First.”
“Ha! Ha!”

Cinqku Challenge (my first) – #1(Me)

“The ‘poet?’ ”
“He thinks he is.”
“He writes loads of poems.”
“He does.”

“Some good.”
“Yeah, some are.”
“Some are… rubbish.”
“Quantity overload?”
“It is.”

“And then…”
” ‘And then’ what?”
“He’s quite quirky.”
“In a weird sort of way.”

“Yes, that’s me.”
“You’re that poet?”
“I may rhyme a little.”

“Try now.”
“Try rhyming?”
“Yeah, make one up.
Off the top of your head.”

“The sand
For due time
Is now here writ;
Please remember his rhymes
And wit.”