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The Cornish Chough

The Cornish chuff flew from Slough to Peterborough; he landed on a bough, and said, ‘Enough is enough, for now.’ Through the rough night the Chough did cough; but feeling better come the morning, to Loughborough he flew, to see a roof he knew. Later that afternoon, he did go from Loughborough, back to Slough, to Crewe, then to Looe.

“Enough! Enough!” said the Cornish Chough.

“Enough! Enough!” said the Cornish Chough.

“I’ve seen it all, from blag to bluff,

from Land’s End

to the Tamar’s tuff,

all around the county!”

spoke the Cornish Chough –

in a voice, some say,

that seemed rather rough.

The Cornish Chough

The Cornish Chough

The Cornish Chough

said “I’ve had enough!”

and left our coast for ever.

But, it did come back

to supply the lack

and spread its Cornish feather.

Upon the shield

atop the field

of fifteen golden bezants

With fisherman and miner

And ‘Onan Hag Oll’, one and all –

our motto – it lends its presence,