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A Roof With A View

I’m still not one hundred percent sure

that when you’re sat upon our roof

that you will be able to see

the Cheesewring –

I seek proof,

and, yet, I have to face the truth,

that I will only know

when upon my roof I go.

I am certain, though,

that I


see the Cheesewring,

as I have seen my roof from the road,

and turned around,

and found

the Cheesewring in my sight –

I shall be proven right…

… but, I will still have to visit the roof

to get that absolute proof.

Where is the Cheesewring?

Where is the Cheesewring?

Just because I can’t see the Cheesewring,

doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I stand and stare,

as somebody there

might be staring back

and not seeing me –

and I exist

to that I’ll agree.

So, I’ll take it for granted,

ignore the doubts that I’ve planted,

and believe it is well.

I’ll pop back later,

to update my data,

and with clarity tell

that ‘the Cheesewring is there!’

Proclaim the fact,

toll the bell,

and sleep easy for another night

knowing that all is well,

all is alright.