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“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”


“It’s a type of cheese”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say.”

“It’s just s play on words.”


“And it’s ever so cheesy.”



You – a song about cheese.

You – a song about cheese

In C/G/D as usual, possibly minor chords as it is a sad song.

You, remind me of cheese

in fact, everything reminds me of cheese,

because, I’m hungry, Louise.

And, I know your name is Jane;

but, for a rhyme I went insane,

and hunger is a tease

when all you can think about is…

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese,


Cheesy Socks

Cheesy Socks

Are cheesy socks

a thing to you?

When removing them

do you go ‘phewwwwww?’

Does one sock smell

of ripe Emmental;

and the other of Stilton or worse?

Would a gas-mask be useful

In dealing with a pair;

whilst, on standby,

a recovery nurse.

The aroma so heady

of a stinky sock,

will leave you unsteady

and a nostril unblock;

if you find you’ve a pair

that reek of Boursin de Pied

it’s best that you incinerate them

for a year and a day.

Ooze Cheese is it Anyway?


Me: This is ‘Ooze Cheese.’

You: Whose cheese is it?

Me: Yes, that’s right.

You: Sorry. No; whose is it?

Me: Yes.

You: No. What I’m asking is ‘Whose. Cheese. Is. It?.’

Me: And what I was saying was: ‘It’s. Ooze. Cheese!.’

Narrator: And so it went on; neither party comprehending what the other meant; until both inevitably collapsed into a sea of incapability…

… And the Ooze Cheese…

… Slowly oozed away…

… Until…

… It was no more.