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Rosie Pays a Visit

Rosie Pays a Vosit

Sat on my chest

at 5am

licking my nose

with your rough tongue,

I love you,

Rosie Cat;

but, do you think…

perhaps a little less of that.

Top 10 Cat Songs – Which is your favourite? Or have you another?

Top 10 Cat Songs – Which is your favourite? Or have you another?

Top 10 Cat Songs

The Love Cats – The Cure

Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat – Phil Harris (Walt Disney)

Cool For Cats – Squeeze

Feline Groovy – Simon & Garfunkel (not)

Cat’s In The Cradle – Harry Chapin

Year Of The Cat – Al Stewart

Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent

Cat People – David Bowie

What’s New, Pussycat – Tom Jones

Upon Cats

Upon Cats

The Cat That Didn’t Like Poetry

The cat

didn’t have a hat;

he knew that respectable cats

didn’t go with things like that.

Cat’s don’t need to be dressed like clowns;

and a cat in a hat has less ups than downs;

due to the fact that a rhyme in time

doesn’t save lives numbering nine

but, causes much vexation

at the poor cat’s situation

Never laugh at the feline friend

or he’ll get you in the end.

The Lady Who Loved Cats.

Subtitle: Eaten By Cats

All through her life

She was eaten by cats;

‘Feed them,

Water them

(so they grow)’

She gave them names

So she’d know

which was which;

Toys she supplied

And scratching posts, too;

She had more big cats

Than the tiniest zoo.

And as she grew older

The cats came and went

She replaced a lost ‘kitty’

With a ‘kitty’ from Kent

(Oh, yes, she adopted them, too!)

And the numbers increased

There were dozens and more;

She kept fifty in the house

And had another fifty at the door.

Then, one day, she died;

And the cats were not fed:

“Feed us, Feed us! Here and now!”

Which is what they were saying with their ‘Me-ow, meow!” It is said.

The cats did ask

The cats did beg

Until one hungry tabby

Sniffed hungrily at a leg…

Tabitha Fetches a Stick

Tabitha Fetches a Stick by Graeme Sandford


When she was a kitten, Tabitha shocked us by barking.

Now, one of the things that you are taught (or discover) in life is that cats miaow and dogs bark; sometimes even before you can count up to a gazillion. To have this fundamental tenet turned topsy-turvy and upside down on its head is to cause the mind to go into premature meltdown (minds generally go into meltdown much later in life) as much as black and white suddenly changing places or gravity to work in the opposite way – but we wouldn’t lose so many balloons, would we?

Tabitha not only barked; she fetched sticks; chewed upon bones; howled when outside; to be let in; chased parked cars; and loved being in the car with her head stuck out the window as the parked cars flew by.

We got used to her ways; but, people, meeting her for the first time; were taken aback at her growling; until she decided they were harmless; may have humpable legs; or were going to take her for a walk… on a lead. Tabitha is one in a… well, one in a huge number (perhaps very near a gazillion) when it comes to pets.