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A message to our Dogs and Cat (but mainly our dogs)

I am your sofa,

I am your climbing frame,

I am your waiter –

do you know ‘my’ name?


I keep you waiting,

I take too long,

I don’t give you enough,

I measure things wrong.


I take you out

when the weather is yuck,

I pull you away

from your choicest tuck.


I make you be quiet

when you are saying, ‘watch out!’

When there’s no one around

to whisper or shout.


I get up and do things

when your need is for hugs,

and I leave you for ‘years!’

so you chew up the rugs.


I suppose that you need me

to be at your beck and call;

but I’d quite like a moment,

though you’d like them all.

I wandered lonely – revisited.

I wandered lonely

as a cat,

going here and there,

doing this and that,

when all at once

I foresaw a nap –

after all,

I am a cat.



A white cat in the snow,

or a black cat in a coal cellar?

A cat of nine lives

or a cat of nine tails?

A cat on a hot tin roof

or a cat not on a hot tin roof?

Cool for cats

or warm for cats?

Everyone wants to be a cat

or a cat wants to be everyone?


What on Earth

is all the above about?



Cat’s all folks!

An gath a wor (the cat knows)

Cats always know. A phrase designed to cause controversy?

Cats know lots of things, obviously one can learn a lot in nine lives;

even though cats, on average,

would seem to get through a life

every couple of years or so,

they rack up the knowledge

that is relevant to a cat.

I’ve never seen a cat

on Mastermind,

but I think that

watching a cat looking smug

in a black chair for two minutes…

‘Well, I’ve started my snooze,

so I’ll finish!’

Where would it all end?

Cats – Acrostic






That was so close. Auto correct changes a

word and all sense is lost.

Cats ‘are’ totally spout!

What is that all about?



Cats rule the roost,

and give you a boost,

a cat is a hard act to follow

(take note of the cat/act anagram – cool!)

if a dog is a god (note further anagram usage)

whose behaviour is odd,

then a cat is a god called Apollo

(Bastet, actually, but how would one get a rhyme for that?)

BTW Cats ‘are’ totally spoilt.

Talking Cats

Talking of talking cats –

which I wasn’t;

but can do –

or should that be,

‘talking of cats’?

I know one makes more sense,

but the other is more likely

to be what I was after.

Dafter by the minute,

as somebody once did about me,

and laughter is the best medicine

(for maybe one or two Illnesses –

melancholia, and the like, perhaps).

Anyway, chaps, perhaps cats

might come into this discussion

at some point.

Do this: point at a cat;

say: ‘Look! there is a cat!’

And then start a conversation with it.

Talking Catonese, possibly.

It’s cool for cats.

Not coal, cool.

And everybody wants to cat a bee.

Literally everybody.

The four fur babies

Not that they are all together

all that often,

but, when they are,

they can get on

with the best of them.

Characters all,

creatures of habit,

feline, canines

(that never say, ‘rabbit’)

loved to pieces,

cheeky tykes,

up for a walk

(unless it’s wet)

more like friends

less like pets –

if only they could talk,

“We hate the vets!”

Catriona – the cattery owner

Catriona was an angel;

but, an angel without wings.

She loved the cats,

had mega long chats,

and fed and watered them

‘til they grew.

When all the cats were ginormous,

humongous, or quite large,

Catriona unleashed the herd,

and off they all went, “Charge!”

Now that the cats rule the world,

and humans are forsaken,

we look back upon Catriona,

and the actions that then were taken.

The cat who loved Abba

ABBA, the cat, who loved,

never knew about punctuation,

or the proper use of colons and commas;

but, she didn’t have to,

it wasn’t important in the scheme of things –

unlike tummy rubs

and wriggling strings.

Talking to Cats

Talking to cats

is a thing


one can at least impart your thoughts

to another sentient being

without the fear of being—

okay, I’ll rub your head, puss –

… interrupted.