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Sort of a Cats 22 situation

Schrödinger’s cat –

whose name, by the way, was Milo –

was put into an unenviable situation.

Schrödinger really shouldn’t

have put Milo into a box.

How Schrödinger would have complained

if a cat had put him into a box;

but, it probably would have been

a cardboard box.

As the cow flies

Beware, as the cow flies,

keep watch, observe the skies,

carry an umbrella,

protect your eyes.


That’s not a barrage balloon,

it’s a aeronautical creature

aiming for the Moon.


Wearing a jumper

to keep out the cold,

a space-bound cow

is something to behold.


And if a cow

should jump over the Moon,

who would have the last laugh,

cat, boy, fiddle, dish, or spoon?

Another 10 minutes in bed

With a dog by my side,

and as my cat licks my head,

I guess it’s safe to say,

‘Another 10 minutes in bed!’

Polly (3)

One day, last July,

Polly put the kettle on –

it didn’t suit her.


Polly once asked me,

‘Shall I put the kettle on?’

I do miss that cat.

An gath a wor (the cat knows)

Cats always know. A phrase designed to cause controversy?

Cats know lots of things, obviously one can learn a lot in nine lives;

even though cats, on average,

would seem to get through a life

every couple of years or so,

they rack up the knowledge

that is relevant to a cat.

I’ve never seen a cat

on Mastermind,

but I think that

watching a cat looking smug

in a black chair for two minutes…

‘Well, I’ve started my snooze,

so I’ll finish!’

Where would it all end?

The cat the rat and the acrobat

‘Rat-a-tat-tat!’ said the cat.


‘Are you calling me tatty?’ asked Ratty.


‘No. I just want to come in.’ replied Cat.


‘And once you’re in, you’ll want to go out.’ added Ratty.


‘Yes.’ affirmed the cat. ‘It’s what I do.’


Ratty opened the door. Cat came in. Ratty closed the door.


‘I’ll just wait here by the door then, shall I?’ asked Ratty, dryly.


‘If you would.’ purred Cat. And to herself, ‘It’s so nice having servants.’


Ratty’s eyes followed the retreating Cat.


The acrobat just listened and silently watched, whilst hanging upside down from a beam.

I wandered lonely

I wandered lonely

as a cat,

going here and there,

doing this and that,

when all at once

I foresaw a nap –

after all,

I am a cat.

A dog (or a cow)

I drew a picture of a dog…

or a cow;

and, now,

I don’t know whether

it will squeak or miaow.

Today Only – 20% off my Limerick!

There once was a cat name of Sophie,

who entered a race, won a trophy;

she was fast on her feet,

all the others did beat—