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In the Car Haiku #JustSaying

Warmer in the car,

with the Sun’s warmth through the screen,

than it is outside.

The Stranded Car

The Stranded Car

A dirty, white car

in a field of dreams;

“Needs a good wash!”

the owner screams.

Farmer Ginty is none too pleased

he didn’t want a car

and his field diseased,

with petroleum, oil, and a life of grime;

but the occupants were up

for a real good time;

the stereo was pumping,

bumper and grind;

and N-Joy meant

to lose his mind;

‘The Passenger’ blared

from the vehicle stranded;

the locals thought that the Aliens

had been and landed.

And Iggy led the passengers of that car

in a:



La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la.’

The A35

The A35

I grew up

next to the A35;

it was small and black,

almost a bubble-car;

I don’t suppose that I would fit in one now;

but, upon seeing one on the road, today,

It took me on a little journey.

Ode to an MG Sports Car

Not WTF 121 as no picture of that imaginary car exists. G:)

Not WTF 101 as no picture of that imaginary car exists. G:)

Oh, MG

WTF 101

if only I could get there with u asap

as u were pdq

but now I must let you