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‘January is the longest month’

‘January is the longest month’

said somebody.

It wasn’t me.


I know that,

‘May is the shortest month’,

‘April the cruelest!’

And all the others

must have their own talents.


But, to keep things in balance,

I shall stir controversy,

by proposing, that,

‘June is the kindest’,

or so it seems to me.

Six days a week

Six days a week;

sixty weeks,

and a bit,

a year

(except in leap years

when sixty one exact

would be the number)

and all we have to do

I’d decide which day of the week

we should remove.

Easy, isn’t it?

Until we look at removing a month.

Why isn’t it Thursday today? – Revisited.

Why isn’t it Thursday, today?

I thought it was Thursday,

and it’s not!

It’s Wednesday!

What is that all about?

Why isn’t it Thursday?


I thought it was Thursday, today;

turns out it’s not, it’s Wednesday, again.

It keeps on being Wednesday;

doesn’t keep on being Thursday, does it?

Every time I turn around, it’s Wednesday,

not Thursday:

I’m never going to get the hang of this calendar thing –

days of the week? W.E.A.K. Weak!


Did I mention

that it’s ‘only’ Wednesday –

and I thought it was Thursday?