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“Have Cape – Will Fly!”

“Have Cape: Will Fly!”

“Have cake – staying firmly on the ground.”

That’s a thing, you see.

I changed one letter of a word

and a strange thing occurred.

“Cape – not Cake!”

or, more likely,

“Cake – not Cape!”

will be the brash slogan/s

of the future,

there for all to see,

whether hero or zero …

‘Hero – not Zero!”

or, more likely …

“Zero – not Hero!”

will also be up there

on the billboards

in letters twenty feet high!

Now wouldn’t that be a thing?

Always look beyond the cake

Always look beyond the cake,

there is more to life than cake;

there is sea and sun

and cake;

love and laughter

and cake;

family and friends

and cake.

Okay, there is cake

and other things, too.

I’m a Fruitcake (The Fruitcake Song)

I’m a Fruitcake (The Fruitcake Song)

I’m a fruitcake,

you’re a fruitcake,

everybody here is a fruitcake.

What does it take

to be a fruitcake?


fruit and cake

put them together

and what does it make?

Walnut Cake

Walnut Cake

Walnut Cake

is a cake made of Walnuts

and various other ingredients;

but not coffee –

otherwise it would be a Coffee and Walnut Cake

(or, less often, a Walnut and Coffee Cake).

However, what goes nicely

with a slice of Walnut Cake

is a cup of coffee.



I awoke one day

to find

that I had turned into a cake.

Overnight, I had become various ingredients,

which were unceremoniously mixed, folded, beaten,

cooked in an oven

at a temperature unknown.

I awoke, and, later that day,

I was cut into slices

and eaten.