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The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The butterfly did flee,

it seems he was afraid of me

he flew so fast, I barely saw him go

and where he goes I do not know.

An admiral from the Russian Navy

once stopped a while and spoke with me,

“Do you prefer the butterfly, or the flea?”

I told him it was all the same to me,

whether it be,

the flutter of a butterfly

the braying of a flea,

or the saying that,

‘whatever a bee will be… will be.’

The admiral smiled,

and looked at me,

handed me his cap

in humility,

and now, I am the ruler of the Tsar’s navy!

The butterflies won’t stand still for me

The butterflies won’t stand still for me

The butterflies won’t stand still for me;

don’t they realise I need to study them

up close;

but they just flitter

here and there

they won’t stand still,

they just don’t care,

that I cannot focus upon

their beauty



Chasing Butterflies

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I’m chasing butterflies,

though it’s not allowed,

under the auspices

of a wandering cloud.


The Butterfly and I

The Butterfly and I

I saw a butterfly

flying in the sky;

I waved at him

as he was passing by;

but, I’m not sure,

I couldn’t see,

if that butterfly





A Butterfly Bee?

A Butterfly Bee?

How small

can a butterfly be?

Is there such a thing

as a butterfly bee;

could there be,

if there isn’t already,

the love child of a butterfly

and a bee?

Could there be

such a thing

on the wing?

A Gothic Tale

I was attacked by a vampire butterfly, today!

Well, I think it was a vampire butterfly – it went straight for my neck;

though I’m not sure if it bit me or not,

as I can’t see any bite marks – they could be quite a small –

but, since then I have been avoiding the Sun,

silver crucifixes,

wooden stakes

and hearing the call

of an open coffin

In a dark crypt

within a Gothic mansion.

All of this is very well,

and I was truly fine with it;

until I found out that vampire butterflies do exist!