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A butterfly, it was

A butterfly, it was,

and not a leaf;

against my belief,

that it ‘was’ a leaf,

that from off a branch

did fall

to the ground,

where it would be found

by leaf-eating creatures;

but, no, it wasn’t so,

it ‘was’ a butterfly,

that before it reached the very ground

did strike its wings

to soar, and glide

upon the breeze,

and alight once more

on a branch

in the trees.

Beyond Belief

“That leaf… said Bee,

‘… is the exact same leaf

that fell upon my head last year.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ said Butterfly,

‘it can’t be, Bee…’

Bee liked Butterfly, and didn’t want to appear to argue.

‘No. I suppose it cannot be, for that would almost be beyond bee leaf!’

Butterfly groaned at Bee’s pun, and took her leave.

I know…

I know

I know nothing;

which means…

I know something

and not nothing,

as I had, until recently, thought.

But, I know not what

A wasp

And a butterfly

really ought.

The first time I flew

The first time I flew

I had butterflies in my stomach,

and was all of a flutter;

my legs felt like jelly,

my wings felt like butter,

and all I could utter

was, ‘Yippedy-doo!’

The first time I flew.

The Butterfly and the Buddleja

The Butterfly landed upon

the Buddleja,

and perused a while,

calling out to friends and family

to come along…

… and join the throng.

Saturday Butterfly Flutterby


Butterflies flutterby,

nonchalant, en passant,

colourful passersby,

de rigueur, tykki Duw,

papillon, butterflies.

Float like a bee, sing like a butterfly

I had to rescue the bee

from the bowl of water that he

had landed in for a drink;

at least he knew how to float –

or had forgotten how to sink.

He dried off and flew away,

a torrid tale to tell;

but at least his day was getting better –

it hadn’t been going well.


All this caused the singing butterflies

to entertain us with a chorus of ‘Que Sera Sera’,

and a verse of ‘Wannabee’

(in the key of B) were heard;

with accompanying harmonies

from every local bird –

except the crows;

who knows if they could have

added small delights

or sleepless nights –

I’m thinking probably the latter.


So, all in all,

it turned out okay,

with the beautiful singing,

and the rescued bee safely serenaded upon his way.

Butterfly or but a leaf

It landed on a leaf,

I thought it was a butterfly;

I looked very closely,

but, to my flutter disbelief,

I found it was just another leaf

that had flown down from the sky.

Butterfly fluttering by (2)

I said “Hello!’ to the butterfly,

as the butterfly fluttered by;

but the butterfly did not say ‘Hi!’,

as he, or she, just fluttered by;

perhaps, I thought, I am an idiot,

or some such likewise thing.

Butterfly flying by

I saw a butterfly flying by;

flying by without a care;

flying by to I don’t know where –

I looked again,

he wasn’t there.