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Pili Pala

Similar to a Tykki Duw,

a Pili Pala

is a Butterfly,

a Papillon,

a By-me-flew;

all colours, and patterned hues,

flitting and fluttering,

uttering soft hulloes.

Beautiful butterfly

Beautiful butterfly,

I watch as you Flutterby,

knowing that I am but a guy,

you know not at all.


Where you are going to?

So brave with your derring-do;

while I watch admiring you,

as seasons do fall.


Then, when your wings have gone,

I shall look back upon,

the flier that brightly shone,

and await your next call.

‘Butterfly Stop’ – Thursday Throwback

A butterfly

set down atop

a spiky plant

a mome to stop.

“I think I’ll stay!”

I heard her say,

then she flew off –

and all within a second –

brief, though her visit was,

on she went,

her rest time spent,

as the lure of flight still beckoned.


The bee in the bonnet (and other stories)

The bee in the bonnet,

the wasp in the sonnet,

the hornet in the Haiku –

all flying things must pass.


The fly in the ointment,

seeking for a cure,

the moth seeing the light,

when all had been obscure.


Butterflies in stomaches,

nervously flutter about,

the dragon flies tonight,

and all is but a whim away.

“How do you do, Tikki Duw?”

“How do you do, Tikki Duw?”

“Very well, thank you.” said the Tikki Duw,

who then fluttered off unto the blue.

Kelyonen (Fly)

I don’t know why

fly, in Cornish,

became something bigger;

things like this

are hard to figure,

even though ‘kelyonen’

is a great name,

it seems too grand

for a tiny little one,

it’s like calling an ant

a ‘jeberenteringtun’

(which it isn’t – it’s ‘moryonen’)

‘tykki Duw’ on the other hand,

is Cornish for butterfly,

and that makes me happy.

A butterfly, it was

A butterfly, it was,

and not a leaf;

against my belief,

that it ‘was’ a leaf,

that from off a branch

did fall

to the ground,

where it would be found

by leaf-eating creatures;

but, no, it wasn’t so,

it ‘was’ a butterfly,

that before it reached the very ground

did strike its wings

to soar, and glide

upon the breeze,

and alight once more

on a branch

in the trees.

Beyond Belief

“That leaf… said Bee,

‘… is the exact same leaf

that fell upon my head last year.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ said Butterfly,

‘it can’t be, Bee…’

Bee liked Butterfly, and didn’t want to appear to argue.

‘No. I suppose it cannot be, for that would almost be beyond bee leaf!’

Butterfly groaned at Bee’s pun, and took her leave.

I know…

I know

I know nothing;

which means…

I know something

and not nothing,

as I had, until recently, thought.

But, I know not what

A wasp

And a butterfly

really ought.

The first time I flew

The first time I flew

I had butterflies in my stomach,

and was all of a flutter;

my legs felt like jelly,

my wings felt like butter,

and all I could utter

was, ‘Yippedy-doo!’

The first time I flew.