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The Seven Ages of Man vs. The Four Stages of a Butterfly.

Which is great as a title goes;

but, what can ‘I’ write upon the subject?

Who knows?

I am no leopardopterist,

and certainly no Shakespeare;

my words are too pedantic

to compare,

if I said I was,

I should grow a long nose.

Four Red Admirals

Four red admirals

perched up a tree,

wishing they were far away,

under the sea;

one red admiral,

she was called Blanche,

left, tout suite, when she heard the call,

leaving three red admirals sat upon a branch.

One red admiral departed for the coast,

two had gone, two remained,

so neither was the most.

One red admiral headed to the West,

to see if there was an antique shop

that would buy his old string vest.

One red admiral stayed just where he was

until, one day, he flew away –

why? Well, just because.

Stop Chasing Butterflies

Stop chasing butterflies,

and don’t go chasing waterfalls,

or parked cars.

Don’t go writing non-haiku,

or sub-standard sonnets,

as you tend to.

Don’t go

and then return

because you can.

And never start a sentence

with a premonition –

the grammaticians hate that.

Most of all,


Do Butterflies Have Parties?

I saw a butterfly

in the sky

flutter by;

I don’t know why;

perhaps he,

or, maybe, she,

was on their way

to a…




I love to watch the Flutterbys

all flittering about;

they have their cares,

their ‘go not theres’

of that I have no doubt;

but, they seem to be,

so fancy free,

alive with the joy of being,

and I hope they know

they make me so

happy at their seeing.

The butterflies won’t stand still for me

The butterflies won’t stand still for me

The butterflies won’t stand still for me;

don’t they realise I need to study them

up close;

but they just flitter

here and there

they won’t stand still,

they just don’t care,

that I cannot focus upon

their beauty



#SoCS – it’s almost a real blog!

So, here is my ten minute spiel for Saturday the 25th of Augustinius.

Been photographing butterflies in the garden today (not what I should have been doing, obviously) and took some stunning (to my mind) pictures.

Have had such pleasure from the bees and butterflies on the Buddliea – lots of bees (and bs).

The sky has been a mixture of cloud, dark cloud and clear blue sky – and we are getting a mixture of warmth, chill, breeze and it is hard to keep up with the constant changing.

Just popped in for some lunch with Jane and then I shall get back out to try and sort out the problem that we have with water leaking through into the kitchen flooring. The drainage system is not ideal and we may have to think it through as to whether we alter it or just reseal around the drain.

Just one of the things that we have inherited in our lovely cottage home – it is 130 years young and so we expect some areas that will need upkeep as we go.

BTW this is more of an actual blog than I normally do – any good?

Not so much of the madness that normally ensues when I put thumbs to screen.

Oh, well, I shall have to say fare thee well and adios for now mon amigos.

Here’s to next time when we can travel with the words once more.


PS the t*imer hasn’t gone off yet.

*the timer went off here.