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Shall I or Shalln’ty?

Heaving and hoeing;

Going to Australia,

Row boys row, tie the man down

as the fair maid of Zennor

parades through the town;

Keel the haul,

onan hag oll


Ny wonn vy

What half of that means

nor the other half,

to be honest

as I am –

even though

I have Cornish

in my genes.





onan hag oll: one and all (the Cornish motto)

Ny wonn vy: I don’t know

In Bude

Imbued ,

as I am,

with the sun, the sea,

‘and’ the sand;

I sense a quiet


almost within reach.


The beach, soft underfoot,

attracts my step,

and from there

I blur

the thin line between

sea and shore –

Soaking up the one,

having momentarily

forsaken the other –

still, I endure.


In Bude,

as I am,

upon a summery spring day

I reflect upon the merry


of come what May.


In Bude,

as I am,

I currently have the time

to stop

and construct

this rhyme.

Bude vs. Padstow

Bude, when viewed from above,

is better by far

than Padstow viewed from below.