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Add it to my Bucket List?

Do I need a Bucket Hat?

Would wearing one

be something

that I should add to my Bucket List?

If you insist, Hive Mind,

then it could be a thing

for me to buy.

To wear?

I swear

that I

may watch all seasons fall by

before I

do share

such headwear

with a head

where my treasured memories are stored.

But, should I get one?

That question, I know,

shall not go away,

nor ever care to be ignored.



Oops! Pardon-Pardon me
I have just returned from Baden-Baden;
Before that I was in Bora-Bora,
Where I had arrived on a jet from New York, New York.

I was recuperating in bed (being attended to by a so-so nursey-nursey) after having been bitten by a black rat (rattus rattus, to give it its Latin name) and following a bout of beri-beri (from drinking badly purified water – which is an absolute no-no.

So, if I am not to end up as dead as the do-do, and continue being the world’s yo-yo champion; I shall have to recover.

However, I still have a few places left on my bucket bucket list:

I want to sing like a canary in sing-sing;
Boogie-woogie in Wagga Wagga;
Swim soon in Langa Langa Lagoon;
Do circuit training in Loop Loop;
Take a tour or two in Tourtour;

And many many more…

Where do you want to go-go?