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Saturday 1st April – April Fool’s Day – #NaPoWriMo Poem #10 (09:00am) – Haiku

A Haiku at Nine

Nine o’Clock Haiku;

just seventeen syllables

with your breakfast feast.

Six things

I had tried six impossible things;

six implausible things;

and, finally,

six impassable things.

All before breakfast.

Which, by the time I got to the breakfast table,

was either: cold, stale, inedible, or missing.

My plate was the picture of an artist –

probably an abstract one,

as it wasn’t recognisably

a breakfast that anyone would want to eat.

Consequently, I didn’t eat it.

Black coffee, lukewarm,

and the memory of a far off petit dejeuner,

would have to get me through to lunch.

First ‘Toast Crumbs’, now ‘This!’

There is spread

in the jam, again;

and I’m sure I know who did it –

it was that numpty over there,

the one who burns the bread,

and he knows I know,

that he knows—

that I know…

and still I watch

and see him fidget.

The Kraken Wakes (looks around a bit, breakfasts, and then goes back to sleep)


are the required breakfast

for a kraken

when it wakes.

It takes

a large bowlful

to even begin

to satisfy the craving

that a kraken has

when from its slumber it rises;

and, no surprises,

but it abhors the

snap, crackle, and pop

of humans

when into its maws they drop.



*other breakfast cereals are available, but the Kraken neither cares, nor worries that that is so.

I stopped for breakfast

I stopped for breakfast

because breakfast would not stop for me;

and there I stood

and gazed around

in search of Emily.

Saturday Morning Waffle

Yes, I’d love one; but we haven’t got any,

so I shall just have some toast, but we have no bread to burn, therefore it’s flakes of corn for me (as I know we have those)

and I shall be happy to transport those flakes from the bowl to the mouth with the use of a spoon – a fork would not work quite so well – and thus breakfast shall be consumed.

I hop that you can enjoy yours, whatever it is, and wherever you are in the world.

Take care


Eat Well Love Life, Live Long, Prosper.

Two slices of wholemeal bread 


And topped with a light spreading of Marmalade.
Look after your bodies

Look after your self

Eat healthily

And ‘live long

And prosper!’

Or something like that. 
Anyway, have a lovely day.

Brekkies for my Queen

It looked 'nothing' like this - lol G:)

It looked ‘nothing’ like this – lol G:)

Special espresso
Ethereal cereal
With milk like silk
The utmost toast
Better with best butter,
Jams spread rasp and straw
Orange juice to toast again
All the trappings of a breakfast for two
At our table
Set for a queen
And her James Dean.