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Don’t try to outfox a Sloth in a Box.

You know that you want to,

but you know that you can’t;

because when it comes to Sloths

you automatically hear the Sloth chant:

‘We are going

very slowly,

we are really

taking our time;

we’re not going

anywhere fast…

… anytime soon –

we make things last.’

Which is not really a chant,

more a lifestyle.

Thinking inside of the box

Cat would have liked to be thinking outside of the box for a change; thinking inside the box was not all that it had promised to be. But, the promise of a cardboard box to a cat is a wondrous thing – ask any cat.

However, when tired of the box, it should be an easy option for a cat to leave the box, and seek a warm spot in the house.

Not, as has happened to me, to be securely sealed into the box for the sake of a hypothetical experiment.

Who said that people should have pets? And, who said that people who have pets should look after them?

I know it’s not my place to complain (but, I will) but, I do not think that Mr. Schrödinger should have been allowed to keep pets.

I think therefore I am. I have needs and a desire to roam freely. My well-being is ‘not’ being helped by my incarceration in a cardboard box – and I am now well fed up with it.

The Box

The Box

The box was round,

levitated three-feet off the ground,

cost me a pound,

but the neighbours still frowned

at it –

and who can blame them.