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The Cardboard Boat

“All aboard the Cardboard Boat!” they cried.

“But, will the Cardboard boat stay afloat,

when it sets off from the shore?” I asked.

They smiled at me, as I waved them off,

then frowned as the Cardboard Boat

took on water, then took on more,

and sank within fifty feet of the nearby shore.

“They waded back, with soggy eyes,

from tears or salt I could not surmise;

“We thought the Cardboard Boat would float,

but now we have to make a note,

to tell ourselves that Cardboard is no good,

and the next boat that we make

should be made of…

… blotting paper –

‘then’ we shall have a merry caper!”

The Tide Is Out (a la Blondie)

The Tide Is Out (a la Blondie)

The tide is out,

and I’m stuck in the mud;

my keel needs scraping,

it’s covered in crud;

the tide is out.

Never Say ‘Ribbit’ in a Boat

Never Say ‘Ribbit’ in a Boat

There is an old Cornish saying,

that I once heard an old Cornishman saying, and it is:

‘Never say ‘Ribbit’ in a boat;

or ‘Rabbit’ or ‘Robot’. ‘


Well, I know not;

but, I think it’s because

it’s a bad habit to have

and it will inhibit

those others

who inhabit

the boat in question –

perhaps it affects their digestion.

Hold on, my memory jogs…

… was it something to do with dogs?