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Blue sky thinking

When I say

that I

am blue sky thinking,

does that mean

that I

am thinking about blue skies,


that I

am looking at the blue skies,

but thinking about something else?

Just asking for a friend.

I have been thinking lately upon why the sky is blue – and other serious questions.

When I walk

I think –

Or, at least,

I think

I think.

Or, do I?

Staring at blue skies

is hardly committing my brain

to the act of work.

And putting words together

in a stream of consciousness

could be done

by anyone.

I consider the big issues,

the pertinent topics,


and, then, I see

a butterfly,

and my thoughts turn,

on a sixpence,

to the trivial,

the trite…

the aerodynamics

of a butterfly’s flight…

which, thing, actually,

isn’t trivial,

or trite –

am I right?

Well, am I?

Blue-Sky Thinking

Blue-Sky Thinking

Picture and words here.

I am thinking about blue skies;

whilst looking at…

well, obviously, blue skies.

This is what I call

‘true’ blue-sky thinking.

I am not thinking about clouds –

due to their absence –

apart from my thoughts upon…

their absence.

This is not a ‘cloud’ poem.

If it is a poem.

Which it may be –

I am in no position to verify,

or qualify,

what it is that it may be –

I just write the words that forever stain the cleanliness of my screen.