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Blank Holiday Haiku (Haiku in the plural)

No it is not blank;

there are many words writ here;

but, not that much sense.


So, perhaps, write more

than just one single haiku,

will two haiku do?


Or is three enough;

not that there is much content,

just a lot of fluff.

Like in the settee,

which is not quite relevant;

but, is a true fact.


Should these haiku rhyme?

Perhaps I should have prepared

before I started.


Or is this just a

Stream-of-Consciousness haiku,

that goes where it wants?


So many questions –

and so few answers at all –

typical Graeme.


Anyway, my friend,

it’s not so blank now is it,

but, just as silly.


And, no, it won’t rhyme;

time after time I’ve told you,

my haiku don’t do

what I want them to.

Blank Page


If I do not write a single word today…

Would you care?

IF I do not share a single thought…

Would you mind?

If I enact a blanket silence upon my creations…

Would you notice?

If I turned from the page and walked away…

Would you miss me?

If I used mime as my medium…

Would you see?

If I did nothing whatsoever in any way, shape or form…

Would the world still keep spinning?

If I stopped here…