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The Black Dog (it came to visit)

Sometimes the little black dog

comes to visit;

I see it in my mind’s rear-view mirror,

catch a glimpse of it as I move through the day,

see it in my reflection.

My mood is down

and I am quieter,

assessing all around me,

withdrawing into my shell.

It may stay for a few days,

keep me company,

run after thrown sticks …

eventually … it will grow tired of my way,

and we shall part.

But, I’ll always have that memory stored

within my heart.


Everywhere I go,

my little black dog goes, too.

It might seem invisible,

or you might see through

the little black shape

that’s by my side;

I don’t intentionally

try to hide

my coal-cellar chum;

but, if I go for a walk,

along it’ll come.


I’ve had the bête noir

for such a long time,

and, on occasion,

it gets put into my rhyme.


Everywhere I go,

I know,

my little black dog

is sure to go.