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Friday the Thirteenth

‘I’m going back to bed’, he said.

‘It’s Friday the Thirteenth,

I could end up dead!’

‘Even my Haiku has been affected –

and it’s not even going to be a Tanka;

so, what else can I do?’

He made himself a coffee,

and whistled ‘too-da-loo!’

returned to the safety of his four-poster…

he didn’t have a four-poster!

‘Oh, dear.’ he mumbled,

‘I now fear for the worst.’

and, at that exact moment,

the waterbed burst.

The Black Cat Moves

The black cat

turned up the thermostat

another degree or two*.

Unfortunately, she was observed doing so.

‘I saw you!’ said the Black Cat’s human.

‘Don’t you think it’s warm enough in here as it is?’

The. Black Cat considered the worth of a rhetorical question for a few seconds, and then went off to see if the airing cupboard door had been haplessly left open once more.


*Two, definitely.