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Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird.

Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird.

Oh, Mr and Mrs Blackbird

whither do you go?

I saw you in the Morning

hopping to and fro,

I saw you in the evening hopping about again;

but, where in the meantime,

did you shelter from the rain?

The Bronze Medal Goes to…

“Hoorah! to Robin
Obviously they are fun;
And hoots are second;

But, haven’t you heard?
The Blackbird was only third!
What occurred?” he howls!

“I’m very sorry, Mrs. B. but I’m afraid that there’s been an accident!” by Graeme Sandford

dead blackbird

‘Twas a blackbird:
‘Tis one no more;
‘Tis just a body
Upon the floor.

No chirruping voice,
No fluttering wings,
For now in Heaven
This blackbird sings;
For though he met his soul’s release
His fine singing could not cease.

But what of family left behind,
Week-old young still life-born blind,
Will the mother, singly, care?
Will the babes be made aware
Of Father’s loss and hardships new;
What will lessened family do?

“Mother dear, we ask, we pray,
Please tell us why he went away;
Will he come back, bring us food?”
“No”, said Mother. “He’s gone for good,
But not for good for us, that’s sure:
His heavy loss has left us poor;
We may survive, we may succeed,
But who knows where our future will lead!”

No friends or family gathered round
To give support or soothing sound;
And life was harder than before.

But time can heal the wounds of Nature’s flaw
And we must help to survive, all those that can,
Whether weak or strong in this Family of Man.