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We walk along lanes

We walk along lanes,

where the songs of birds abound,

and we smile a lot.

Bird Song

I was sat in the garden,

listening to the bird song

‘with a little bit of this,

and a little bit of that…’

it was going to be

one of those mornings.

Dawn Chorus

Dawn Chorus

Walking out early, today,

I heard the sweet dawn chorus,

yet again.

I mean, come on birdies

don’t bore us –

sing another song.

Don’t get me wrong,

it’s a beautiful tune

but it becomes a bit repetitive

all too soon.

Why can’t you do something different?

A medley from the show

Cabaret, perhaps –

come on chaps!

You must have another song to string to your bow?

As the crow flies.

As the crow flies.

As the crow flew

he made a joyful noise…

well, maybe to a crow.

I think it was a ‘crawk!’

or maybe a ‘crejk!’

But, what the heck

he seemed happy enough.

Dawn Chorus


is all I need;

apart from the bare necessities of life

(and you can sing that song, if you wish).

They call,

they answer;

finches, starlings, the humble wren;

redbreast, blackbird, sparrow, then…

having sung,

they sing again.