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An Wedhen (The tree)



an wedhen.

“Look! A bird!”

“Look! A bird!”

The shadow of a bird

flew across my path;

thin, two-dimensional –

it was that of a Pterodactyl,

swooping in for the kill…

this, my last poem,

is not my best;

but, still,

it’s short,

and that will

count in its favour.

Up On The Roof.

There is a gull up on the roof;

I don’t know what he is doing there;

he could be loitering with intent,

though I have no proof;

he could be sight-seeing

(he can see the Cheesewring from there);

he could be resting,

or ‘pining for the fjords!’

though that is highly unlikely.

He could be a she

how does one tell?

All I know is…

that there is a gull up on the roof,

and all is well.