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One 🍌 Binanar is 1

Two 🍌🍌 Binanars is 10

Three 🍌🍌🍌 Binanars is 11

Four 🍌🍌🍌🍌 Binanars is 100

and so on.

10 out of 10 is more than 100 percent,

100 percent in an exam being a fail / ungraded / retake required.

10 🍾🍾 green bottles

would be a very short song,

but it would be much easier

to clear up the broken glass.


Trinary, with all its finery,

could never really compete

with the suave, but never effete,

simplicity of Binary.

The flight of the bumblebee from plant to plant

Now, If only I could write some words to go with the title and the picture I have…

But, sometimes, words are difficult to find,

escape my mind,

and are not readily available for use.

Sometimes you have to let the picture

paint a thousand and one words –

and let it talk about the bees and the birds.

The Postman Delivers (to Binary Lane)

Postman: I have a parcel for 1,000 Binary Lane – I’ve never delivered there before.

Postmaster: It’s the fourth one up on the right – at the end.

Postman: Fourth?!

Postmaster: Well, it is Binary Lane.

Room 5

“Here you are, Mr. Binary, your room, Room 5.”

Mr. B: Oh, no! I distinctly asked not to be allocated this room number, it’s even unluckier than room one-one-o-one!

“Our room numbers don’t go up that far, Mr. Binary. We only have 20 rooms.

SD Mr. B considers this.

Mr. B: And, are you sure that nineteen pounds eighty four is the correct amount per night? Have I got that right?

Non-Binary Poem

Oh! one should not,

if one can, do nothing;

with zero tolerance,


and wonder why the consequences

have no relative value.

Binary Haikus




One hundred and one,

one hundred and eleven

one hundred and one.



That’s the syllables;

which means ten thousand and one

in raw binary.