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The Postman Delivers (to Binary Lane)

Postman: I have a parcel for 1,000 Binary Lane – I’ve never delivered there before.

Postmaster: It’s the fourth one up on the right – at the end.

Postman: Fourth?!

Postmaster: Well, it is Binary Lane.

Room 5

“Here you are, Mr. Binary, your room, Room 5.”

Mr. B: Oh, no! I distinctly asked not to be allocated this room number, it’s even unluckier than room one-one-o-one!

“Our room numbers don’t go up that far, Mr. Binary. We only have 20 rooms.

SD Mr. B considers this.

Mr. B: And, are you sure that nineteen pounds eighty four is the correct amount per night? Have I got that right?

Non-Binary Poem

Oh! one should not,

if one can, do nothing;

with zero tolerance,


and wonder why the consequences

have no relative value.

Binary Haikus




One hundred and one,

one hundred and eleven

one hundred and one.



That’s the syllables;

which means ten thousand and one

in raw binary.