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Beige (Revisited)

Beige (Revisited)

There’s a man who works

for Standard Liege

(a Belgian football team),

who said their away kit

should always be beige;

no colourful shirts,

no matching bright shorts,

but a degree of anonymity

when away from the ports

they did depart;

but, with tiny red flourishes,

as were deemed in the courts

to be all there required,

to leave the players out of sorts.

Somewhere in Belgium


Well, I made it through another day
(Not everyone did)
And now can dream again
Of getting back to you
(And our kid).

The fighting over for now
(At least the main stuff)
Just need to avoid the snipers’ shot
And remember to tread carefully
(Not let down my guard)
Or I shall end up like Wilkins and Cope
Decomposing; their letters home at an end.

It’s nearly Christmas
And all this will be over
(My love, my friend)
And we shall be back in each-other’s arms
Safe again.

Yours always,

W.S. (Bill to you)

Somewhere in Belgium,

Nov 22nd, 1914