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Beige (re-visited)

Beige is a stage you get to

at a certain age

when your clean white paper

becomes the Valium in vellum of the page.

50 Shades of Beige.

50 Shades of Beige.

1. Heavily into M & S.

2. Need I say more?

When Beige was all the rage.

When beige was all the rage,

bright colours were kept in a cage,

where people could occasionally visit

and stare at their gaudy hue,

it was called, as you might think,

a Dangerous Colours Zoo.

The Oranges and Purples

were kept under wraps,

they were too vicious to be seen

by the ladies and chaps.

The mad and dangerous Heliotrope

was kept under lock and key,

and not even the keepers

were allowed to see he.

Anything fluorescent

or sparkling was kept,

in a darkened corner,

fed at night,

where they wept,

being in a state of inertia –

it was all for safety, you see.

they could never be seen

by a dull and dim humanity.

Beige Acrostic Poem






At my age (beige)

At my age

should I really be wearing beige?

Perhaps it’s just a stage

I’m going through?

Do I really ‘do’

justice to

an oatmeal hue

without the barest hint of blue?

My ‘Acorn Collage’,

with a nutmeg hint

looks like borage

with a porridge tint,

Couldn’t It be enlightened

by a sprig of mint,

or a splash of azure;

would surely be okay,

to make my outfit

stand out from

the greyest dull day.

Beige (Revisited)

Beige (Revisited)

There’s a man who works

for Standard Liege

(a Belgian football team),

who said their away kit

should always be beige;

no colourful shirts,

no matching bright shorts,

but a degree of anonymity

when away from the ports

they did depart;

but, with tiny red flourishes,

as were deemed in the courts

to be all there required,

to leave the players out of sorts.

When all is said and dun.

When all is said and dun.

Light Beige

is Ecru;

Dull Brown

is Taupe;


‘“Please welcome to the stage,

Incredible Beige!”

just joking.

Beige is as boring as are all of the rest;

once, I dressed in Dun and Tan,

and Arboreally assumed the hue of an Autumnal Nest;

I went camouflaged in a pile of leaves;

and stayed there, unnoticed,

for three whole months

(which is an untrue fact,

that no-one believes).

A Homage to Beige (or Cream, Oatmeal, Acorn, and the like).

“Beige, did you say?

Oh, cream!

Yes, cream is a wonderful colour;

except that, day by day,

hour by hour, the colourful ‘cream’

gets duller and duller,

eventually turning sour…

like a lemon.

A colour pale

will not avail

when brightness is what we are asking;

be vibrant, be bright;

turn on the light,

any dimmer will bring us a tasking.

So, cream you say;

double with jam?

To add a dash of sparkle?

I hope that’s so;

or I’ll have to say:


and leave you to your debacle.”