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Flies and Bees

A fly asked itself one day,

‘To fly or not to fly?’

and then chose to fly.

A bee, on the other hand,

would ask whether,

‘To Bee or not to Bee?’

Beecause Bees

have that much more gravitas.

The Bee and the Flower

The Bee sat upon the Flower

for just under an hour,

which was longer than usual, by far;

The Bee sang a song,

the Flower sang along,

(she joined in the chorus, ‘La la!’)


When the Bee flew away,

it was a much duller day,

thought the Flower, with a sigh and a tear;

‘but Bees must buzz on,

and the memory’s not gone’,

thought the Flower,

‘and the song was so lovely to hear.’


Then she sang the chorus

of that song once again,

much quieter than before,

and she sang it to all those that passed

in the Sun and the rain,

it could softly be heard

all day long, until night fell at last.


‘La la,

la la,

la la…’

William Shakesbee

One day, a bee said to another bee,

‘Have you heard young Willy Shakesbee?’

‘No.’ said the second bee,

‘What is it with he?’

‘Well…’ said the first bee,

‘He is wondering aloud whether,

‘tis better to bee, or not to bee!’

‘Ahh!’ said the second bee,

‘I think he is an actorbee,

rehearsing his role in the bee tragedy.’

‘The bee tragedy?’ asked the first bee.

‘Yes, ‘Beelet the Great Bane’,

or ‘Let it Bee’, as it is oft referred to.’

‘Ah.’ said the first bee.

SD there is a pause

‘But I thought he was a writerbee,

not an actorbee.’

‘Well, we know he’s not a fighter bee

or a workerbee, maybee he’s just getting into the role as a writerbee must if he is to write anything of import.’

‘Shouldn’t that bee import ants?’ quoth the bee whose turn it was to quoth.

‘Ha! You are a comedianbee!’ sniggered the other bee.

‘That I am, that I am.’ quoth this bee or that bee.

‘Quick! Let us bee off, beefore the Queen marries Beelet’s Uncle.’

SD They both Exit stage left pursued by bees.

Beehive Behaviour

“Children, children, children, children,

children, children, chil—‘ said the Queen bee.

‘What on earth is going on this morning?

I made up your sandwiches, filled you all a flask, and all I ask is a little peace and quiet – and it’s just chaos!

“It’s bedlam!” cried the Queen bee/

“Well, ma’am…” said one particularly brave worker bee, “it’s our beehive, you see.”

“And what is wrong with the beehive?”

“Well… it seems to be perched upon the top of somebody’s head!”

King of the Bees



The King of the Bees!

You might not have heard a lot about me,

I’m not a well known bee;

but, on my throne,



am alone.

That’s the problem, you see;

I ‘am’ a mythological bee,

consigned to history,

as a legend,

a myth (not a moth, a myth)

a marvellous creature

that never existed.

Which is why

I have hereby enlisted

the majorly modern media medium



to establish my existence.

And, by avid persistence,

I shall regain my reign

as the leader of BeeKind.

Soon, my friends,

you will find

the Queen Bee


to a footnote in the mystery

of ancient Bee history.


‘KingBee, King of the Bees!’


“Your Majesty, if you please.”

‘Bee Longing’ & ‘Bee Long’

Bee Longing’


I long to see

the bee

in Nature

living naturally,

without the threats

that seem to be

ever more a reality.


‘Bee Long’


Weighing in at over three metric pounds,

and reaching lengths of up to twenty-seven inches

is it any wonder

that the breeding of the Ground Bee

(with its short, stubby wings)

hasn’t really taken off.

Bees Wax

Bees wax lyrical

about all manner of things;

for every bee is a poet

a beeBard with wings;

and the humblest of subjects…

dedicates to the Queen,

all manner of poems,

on the flora they’ve seen.

Worker Bees

Could a worker bee

be a key worker?


Not a locksmith type;

but an essential employee,

Not a shirker,

but an industrious soul;

who, on the whole,

plants their feet

and gets down to the beat

working to the rhythm of the buzz-saw heat;

with a band of brothers;

and, amongst so many others.


“Fingers on buzzers…

for a bonus of five:

‘Can a bee be said to be,

or not to be?’ “

as they sing,

whilst upon the wing,

‘I will survive

the thrive of the hive!’


Maybe, in all probability,

a bee ‘can’ be

a worker bee –

now do you see?

‘Bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝’ – Revisited

There was this bee… 🐝

identification chart

showing what was a bee 🐝

and what was… another bee 🐝

(it didn’t show what was not a bee, 🐿

obviously – it wasn’t that big a chart)

and it gave me ten examples 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

of what bee 🐝 it was

when a bee 🐝 I did see –

all very useful to a D like me.

So, next time I am in the garden,

doing a bit of D.I.Me,

and I see a bee, 🐝

I shall be grabbing desperately

for my chart to see,

what is the name of the bee 🐝

that is currently, pleasantly, bothering me.

I write the above because,

whilst perusing underneath

our cherry blossom tree,

I interrupt them,

with my head,

do you see?

For I am taller

than the low-hanging branches,

and keep catching the bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

with my frontal-lobe glances,

which causes a stir,

and I never seem to see

eye to eye

to eye to eye,


with him, 🐝

or with her – 🐝

or them 🐝🐝 with me.


“We’re keeping the weeds to feed the bees.”

Lawnmower at the ready:

stood down;

shears and trimming tools:

returned to their racks;

plans to clear a path:

put on hold.

“We’re keeping the weeds

to feed the bees.”