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A 🐝 Bee Day?

A 🐝 Bee Day?

Is there such a thing

as a 🐝 Bee Day?

A day when the humble 🐝 bee

is treated like royalty?

If not, there should 🐝 be:.

And today is that day

the twentieth of May

when every 🐝 bee has its day.

The bee in the bonnet (and other stories)

The bee in the bonnet,

the wasp in the sonnet,

the hornet in the Haiku –

all flying things must pass.


The fly in the ointment,

seeking for a cure,

the moth seeing the light,

when all had been obscure.


Butterflies in stomaches,

nervously flutter about,

the dragon flies tonight,

and all is but a whim away.

Do Bees have Fleas?

Do bees have flees

around for afternoon teas

on the patio?

Is there one flea

to every bee,

or is it in a different ratio.

That was a visual rhyme –

in case you were wondering;

and before you go

thundering off to the poetry police

to report a poetry injustice.

Fleas, can then invite bees back

for a tasty snack.

That’s how Nature works.

Sunday – acrostic?!







When there’s a bee in your beer

When there’s a bee in your beer

please remove it;

I know you’ll be left with an ‘r’,

but I think that is better by far.

If there’s a bee in your ear,

and it’s not that easy to hear;

well, that’s a different matter altogether.

Her yellow dungarees were covered in bees

She walked across the park

in her yellow dungarees,

which were embroidered so prettily

with a hundred bumble bees;

busily buzzing around

a hundred lavender trees.

Seven bees crossed seven seas

Seven bees set out, one day,

to cross the seven seas;

they’d read about it in a book,

and they had a life of ease;

no work to do, no shifts to fill,

and they all had holiday leave to take ,

and the spirit of adventure,

that their mother did Instill.


For they were seven brothers,

who had not seven brides;

they sought for worlds to conquer,

to swim against all tides;

and when the Sun shone on them,

they felt a mighty stirring,

to travel to all the ends of the Earth,

and see what was occurring.


Bees in the Lavender

The bees circling the lavender

lend a subtle droning irony to the day;

Dopplering here,

Dopplering there,

and buzzing about

like they don’t have a care.

Oh to be a bee,

or not to be a bee?

Flies and Bees

A fly asked itself one day,

‘To fly or not to fly?’

and then chose to fly.

A bee, on the other hand,

would ask whether,

‘To Bee or not to Bee?’

Beecause Bees

have that much more gravitas.

The Bee and the Flower

The Bee sat upon the Flower

for just under an hour,

which was longer than usual, by far;

The Bee sang a song,

the Flower sang along,

(she joined in the chorus, ‘La la!’)


When the Bee flew away,

it was a much duller day,

thought the Flower, with a sigh and a tear;

‘but Bees must buzz on,

and the memory’s not gone’,

thought the Flower,

‘and the song was so lovely to hear.’


Then she sang the chorus

of that song once again,

much quieter than before,

and she sang it to all those that passed

in the Sun and the rain,

it could softly be heard

all day long, until night fell at last.


‘La la,

la la,

la la…’