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The Plight of the Humble Bumble Bee

A Bee

A Bee

Dialogue (imagine you are hearing it – it makes slightly more sense).

Grae: There are no Bs in Alaska.

Audience Member: There aren’t?

Grae: No.

Aud: How do you know that?

Grae: Jane told me.

Aud: How does ‘she’ know?

Grae: I don’t know; Alaska.
(To Jane) Jane?

Jane: What?

Grae: Alaska?

Jane: What about it?

Grae: Any ‘Bs’ in Alaska?

Jane: No; definitely no Bs in Alaska;
not a one!

Grae: Okay, thanks Jane.

Jane: You’re welcome.

Grae (To Aud): No, definitely no Bs in Alaska.

Aud: Ugger!


Ode to a Bee

A Bee

A Bee

Ode to a Bee

Oh, Bee
One can only
That you are a flier
When with your wing to body ratio,
Aloft, you shouldn’t go
Any higher
Than me, you know.

A Bee Poem


A bee, queuing in B&Q,
Hurt his wing and had to be taken to A&E, you see.
When he, the bee, got to A&E (B-Wing, of course)
He had to wait, as it was a hive of inactivity;
The bee waited…
and waited…
And the bee, he, became exasperated.
“I don’t want to cause a buzz;
Or make a fuss;
But, I have ‘been’ waiting for hours,
‘Four’ hours to ‘be’ precise – as I am won’t to ‘be!’ ”
“Be patient!” They said “Don’t make a scene; you will be seen soon!”

“I ‘am’ a bee patient; I have been patient, I will ‘be’ patient: and. as they say in old Latin: ‘Cebee Healbe, Byebyebee!’

(He ‘was’ an educated son of a bee.)

Eventually, he (the bee) was treated and allowed to ‘be’ discharged.

But, after that, I don’t know what bee-came of him.

Que sera, sera!