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The flight of the bumblebee from plant to plant

Now, If only I could write some words to go with the title and the picture I have…

But, sometimes, words are difficult to find,

escape my mind,

and are not readily available for use.

Sometimes you have to let the picture

paint a thousand and one words –

and let it talk about the bees and the birds.

There’s a bee in my sonnet

There’s a bee in my sonnet

and I don’t know what to do;

I’ve thought a lot upon it,

I just haven’t got a clue.


The bee is buzzing loudly,

calling all its friends?

Now the bee is waving proudly,

I wonder how this ends.


If I get stung I’ll surely cry,

or inflate like a balloon;

but, whatever happens, I will try

not to check out far too soon.


There’s a bee in my sonnet,

and it’s got my number on it.

“Oh, Buzzy Bee!”

“Oh, Buzzy Bee,

come back to me,

this silence is an agony;

please return, and set me free,

I’m imprisoned without your lullabee!”

There also was a bumble bee

There also was a bumble bee,

who seemed to wag its tail at me;

I don’t know what

it was trying to say,

perhaps, ‘Hey! Human! Go away!’

The Bee and the Flower (revisited)

The Bee sat upon the Flower

for just under an hour,

which was longer than usual, by far;

The Bee sang a song,

the Flower sang along,

(she joined in the chorus, ‘La la!’)


When the Bee flew away,

it was a much duller day,

thought the Flower, with a sigh and a tear;

‘but Bees must buzz on,

and the memory’s not gone’,

thought the Flower,

‘and the song was so lovely to hear.’


Then she sang the chorus

of that song once again,

much quieter than before,

and she sang it to all those that passed

in the Sun and the rain,

it could softly be heard

all day long, until night fell at last. 

‘La la,

la la,

la la…’

We love to Bee by the Sea

A is, for argument’s sake, Apple

B is for Bee,

C is for the Chive Mind

that thinks that D is for Dapple,

or Daffodil – which do you choose?

E is for Ever,

F is for Forever,

G is neither;

but G is for Grae, me.

And I love to bee by the sea.

I was bitten by a bee one day – a song

Singing: I was bitten by a bee one day

In the merry, merry month of June

If you were close by

you might have heard me cry,


To be a Bee?

To be a bee,

or not to be a bee,

is a hard question

for the likes of me;

because I’m a bee

and have to be a bee;

I have no other choice,

than be a buzzy bee,

do you see?


I might like to be a camel,

if I had the chance;

but, one hump or two?

And what does a camel do?

I think I’ll stick to being

a bee,

and keep on beeing,

it seems the thing

for me.

“Your Guttering!”

“Your guttering

is spluttering!”

said a fluttering butterfly

that was just passing by.

I looked,

and it was.


“Why?” I questioned.


“Bee cause it is.”

buzzed a busy bee.


Which made much sense to me.

‘As I walked around with a sprig of Buddleia in my hat’

As I walked around

with a sprig of Buddleia in my hat

a bee hopped on board,

then a butterfly,

then more

and more

and more,

until I had become a veritable charabanc

for the flying fraternity –

and a sight to see I was at that.