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Barnaby the BananaBee

Barnaby, the BananaBee

was the first of his kind

in history.

Never before,

upon any shore,

had a BananaBee like Barnaby

been seen.

Bee Kind

It isn’t difficult to be kind

to bee kind,

and you really don’t

have to be cruel

to gruel;

or leave a friend behind

when they are unable to find

a spring with which to unwind;

and many a worm will turn

from doing evil

to a passing weevil;

it’s not hard

to discard

the loyalty card

when it’s full to bursting,

in return for a Grecian urn,

if you are owed two,

or none at all

by a tall nun.

So, be kind,

and bee kind

will bee fine.

A Bee and a Butterfly went to Sea.

A Bee and a Butterfly went to sea

in a dark blue sailing boat;

whilst on the sea,

they drank green tea,

and had no adventures to note.


But, on the way back,

the sky turned black,

the boat capsized and sank.

‘Oh, no!’ you cried, ‘They must have died!

Or what Saviour can we thank?’


However, the Bee and the Butterfly

did not die,

they simply flew away,

to sail again, upon glistening seas,

on some such other day .

There was a B

There was a ‘B’,

an ‘e’

and another ‘e’.

All flying around my head.

It didn’t bother me…


Letters are harmless,

because – here’s the thing –

unlike Bees,

they just don’t sting.

A Bee in a Bandana

I’ve never seen a Bee in a Bandana,

though, to be honest,

I haven’t observed every Bee

that is, or was, or is yet to Bee.

Perhaps, a Bee on a Banana

is a more likely possibility,

I shall pop a Banana and a small Bandana out,

and see if a Bee cares to alight on the one,

and / or don the other.

They do say, that a Bee

is less than likely to bother

wearing clothing of note

unless it’s a pollen coat

or a black and yellow stripy jumper.

Alphabet Browsings Cause Dangers.

I had only just started reading the alphabet the other day, when I was bitten by an angry bee, these things can only happen to a poet like me.



But the bee said nothing to me;

perhaps my speaking out

was perceived as a shout;

and, maybe, I should be

a Bee-Whisperer, me;

then with my morning’s greeting

of, ‘Good morning, Bee.’

the bee, would agree.

‘The Butterfly and the Bee’

“You really are quite funny looking.”

said the Butterfly to the Bee,

“With your silly round body,

your stubby little wings,

and your penchant for honey.”

“Me?” said the Bee,

“Why not take a look at yourself, Mr Butterfly –

take it from me

I never did see

an uglier looking guy

flying by.


When the Bad Bee bothered the Beautiful Butterfly.

‘When the Bad Bee bothered the Beautiful Butterfly.’

There were buzzy bees, beautiful butterflies, stingy wasps – sorry sting-y wasps, and all manner of other bugs and beasties…


… it was the bad bee that bothered the beautiful butterfly,

by bombarding her with… alliteration,

“Buzz, buzz be gone!” bade the bee.

Meanwhile, an army of caterpillars marched by, unnoticed by all but me.

“See you later, Pollinator!”

The bee flew here,

the bee flew there,

I am inclined to say,

that the bee flew everywhere –

but I shalln’t –

the bee stayed long,

the bee stayed short,

I didn’t think

he was a cross pollinator sort,

but he was;

he was feeling the buzz,

and, unknownst to me,

he cared, indirectly,

a lot about uzz.

And, when his work was neatly done,

he headed off

into the land of the realm of the flower of the setting sun –

and, twenty… minutes… later…

I called out:

‘See you later, pollinator!’

If only my timing had been

a little less late,

it would almost have sounded

rather bee great.