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Bear With

‘Bear With’

Bear with…

bear with…

bear with…

bear with…

bear with a sore head

was walking through the woods

one day,

when he (or she, or other)

decided that a nap

would be the thing

to take away the pain

from the bear’s brain.

The bear with…

the bear with…

bear with…

excuse me, it’s buffering…

the bear with…

a sore head

went into a deep sleep

and dreamt of berries,

and beers–

sorry, and bears,

other bears,

that he

(or she, or other)

had known.

When the bear with…

bear with…

bear… bear…

bear… withasoreheadwoke–


When. The. Bear. Awoke. It.

Told. A. Joke.

But, there was no one there

to laugh,

except a passing giraffe

that bore a passing resemblance to…

a wild (or just slightly livid) boar.

The giraffe did not laugh at the joke

until much later,

when the ‘G’ had worked out

the pun in the punch line.

Such is the way of comedy.

Bear With Me

“Bear with me…” she quothed.

 I seethed inside, but, kept my outward calm.

 With her mobile jammed against her head,

 its radio-waves slowly mushing her failing brain,

 She warbled on about some unimportant – to me – trifle.


 “Bear with me…” once more, to me.

 I frothed within, but kept my outward calm.

 With her mobile burrowing into her ear,

 Its microwaves slowly cooking her, already tenderised, brain,

 She waffled on about some insignificant – to me – detail.


 “Bear with me…” Again! Me:

 I crumbled within, my outward calm dissolving rapidly.

 With her mobile inserted where the sun don’t shine,

 It’s tuneful ring-tone slowly serenading her lower colon,

 She wimpered on about some impatient – who, me? – old, busy body