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Banonions (Revisited – for Veganuary)


Too close to bunions

to foot the bell

(or fit the bill)

with banana skin

and onion peel


bananas none too ripe,

onions are great,

ignore the hype;

and cook with skill

in a skillet, until…

… ready;

then eat

with a friend named Freddie –

what a treat!

NB don’t eat Freddie, it’s not that Vegan –

ask our mentor, Peter Egan.



“Bananary!” she said.

Not ‘Bazinga!’ Or’Bonanza!’

No! She definitely said ‘bananary!’

as if I might have known what she meant.

“Sorry.” I replied. “I gave them up for Lent.”

She looked at me with the sort of look that can wither granite at forty paces. “A ‘bananary’ is where they make bananas!” she yelled.

The image clarified in my mind

like melted butter, I think you’ll find.

“Oh, I see.” I said – and I did.

A ‘bananary’ was now in my ‘dictionary of ‘fictionary’ words.

Barnaby the Banana Bee.

Barnaby the Banana Bee

was fluttering and flitting

amongst the flowers.

He was searching for something;

but, he wasn’t quite sure what.

Was it a Blueberry Bush?

No, not a Blueberry Bush,

nice though it was.

Was it a Lemon Tree?

No, not a Lemon Tree,

deduced Barnaby,

a regular little Sherlock Holmes was he.

Was it the Staddle Stone?

’No. It was never going to be the staddle stone’,

mused Barnaby the Banana Bee.

What was the colour of the thing

that Barnaby was busy seeking?

Was it Blue?


Green? Red? Black? Grey?

No, No, No, and No.

Ah, there was the colour he was looking for;

just the right shade, in the shade,

by the door;

there, stood the Banana Tree.

Barnaby made a bee-line for it,

and reaching it, was so happy.

”it’s bananas are ’yellow’ just like me!” said Barnaby the Banana Bee.


The Lion, The Witch, and The Banana.
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Banana Island
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Banana Lake

 I’m sure you can think of some better ones – I’d love to hear them.

Thank you – G:)

Llamas in the Bahamas

Llamas in the Bahamas
Rhymes better
(To me)
Than Bananas in Pyjamas
Although Llamas in Pyjamas in the Bahamas
Is better still.
And if those aforementioned Llamas
In their Bahamian Pyjamas
We’re involved in certain dramas
Then I would be like the cat who got the cream in a dream and then found when she woke up that the deal was the real deal.