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Manaña Banaña – #1LinerWednesday

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A manaña banaña

might be better tomorrow

than it would be today;

but, when manaña comes

will that still be true?

A Banana and a Mango went to Bingo

A Banana and a Mango went to Bingo


My Banana

There is nothing wrong with my banana

I check it every day

There is nothing wrong with my banana

I do what the doctors say


If it’s green don’t eat it

If it’s yellow you can’t beat it

If it has spots they’ll go away

There is nothing wrong with my banana

I check it every day


There is nothing wrong with my banana…

(repeat chorus)

No Bananas were involved in the making of this poem / cake.

As for the cake:

it was a Blueberry & Banana cake;

that, to my mind,

had no banana taste at all.

Blueberry, much, banana not much,

not some, not any.

Tasty, definitely;

but, not of banana.

I do admit that there are

an awful lot of banana mentions

in this poem,

but no ‘actual’ bananas.

It was a very nice piece of cake?

this is a poor poem,

glad I had the cake;

happy to memorialise it in words.

The very last Banana

(The very last Dodo Banana)

It was the very last;

but, little did the banana know it –

having not read this poem,

written by a poet.


And, like the Dodo before,

once the last one was gone,

there wouldn’t be any more.

Barnaby the BananaBee

Barnaby, the BananaBee

was the first of his kind

in history.

Never before,

upon any shore,

had a BananaBee like Barnaby

been seen.

A Bee in a Bandana

I’ve never seen a Bee in a Bandana,

though, to be honest,

I haven’t observed every Bee

that is, or was, or is yet to Bee.

Perhaps, a Bee on a Banana

is a more likely possibility,

I shall pop a Banana and a small Bandana out,

and see if a Bee cares to alight on the one,

and / or don the other.

They do say, that a Bee

is less than likely to bother

wearing clothing of note

unless it’s a pollen coat

or a black and yellow stripy jumper.


Too close to bunions

to foot the bell

(or fit the bill)

with banana skin

and onion peel


bananas none too ripe,

onions are great,

ignore the hype;

and cook with skill

in a skillet, until…

… ready;

then eat

with a friend named Freddie –

what a treat!

NB don’t eat Freddie, it’s not that Vegan –

ask our mentor, Peter Egan.

A Tale of Three…

A Tale of Three…

Aubrey the Strawberry, Salty the Peanut, and Banango the Weird – a mixed up one if there ever was – walked into Kind Café, one day.

It had been a very hot day, and the three of them were in search of an Ice-cream each to cool themselves down.

Aubrey, Salty, and Banango surveyed the ice-cream menu.

Aubrey looked on with dismay as she saw the options, Salty turned up his little peanut nose at the PB &J cone;

Banango ordered a Banana and Mango Chip Cornet (with sprinkles).

Aubrey and Salty looked at Banango with wonder – he was being really weird lately.

Banango paid and took his selection ‘to go’ and they all left the Kind Café.

Within two minutes a hungry Herring Gull had swooped down and the Banana, Mango Chips, Sprinkles and Banango the Weird had all been swiped by the hungry gull.

Aubrey and Salty were sad, but this was slightly relieved by the fact that Banango the Weird had gone as he had always said he had wanted to.